Summer, where arte thou?

Saturday 11 September 2010

School. Homework. Projects.
Oh the dreaded words.

Long gone are the days of waking up at noon, to find the whole day stretched ahead of me, ready to be filled with endless fun and relaxation.

Oh no.

Bye bye summer, hello school/waste of my life.

I've swapped Twilight for Shakespeare, Ipods for Art and fun times for, well... no free time at all. With the amount of coursework my teachers are dumping on me at the moment you'd thing I was a skip!

But anyway, rant over.
Even though summers over, here's a few piccies of my recent holiday trip Lanzarote...

My Sister :)

Oh hello Mr Parrot, sqaurkkk!

Lilo Wars 2.0!

So girlie's how was your summer holidays? :)


  1. I know what you mean about school. In the UK we didn't even get a summer. It was all rain and borringness.
    But your trip looks so beautiful. I want to go there. And you look fab. :)

  2. heyy hanns love the pics spec the lilo fight. I went to finland it was really fun:) i know what u mean about a lot of work...well of course i would lool well i guess summer was good while it lasted lool :)

  3. I left school this year, and I've been looking for a job. And I hate to admit it, but .. I already miss school! I spent my whole life waiting to get out, but now I kind of wish I was back. Don't get me wrong, the freedom is immense and I love working, but still :) On a brighter note, I love the outfits you and your sister wore on holiday, you both look gorgeous :)


  4. awh you look so pretty in all the pics and it looks amazing! jelous :) xoxo

  5. What a lovely little getaway! You and your sister look like twins!

    That place looks so serene, I like it!

  6. you and your sister look like twins are you twins ?? summer was great but so ready for fall =)

  7. Did you stay in Playa Blanca? It looks like that, i've stayed there twice, it's lovely x

  8. your so pretty in these pictures!looks like you had loads of fun:)

  9. your pictures are beautiful, you look so pretty!<3

  10. beautiful photos. I know what you mean, I have been dumped with an art project, english coursework and 5 new subject teachers.


  11. Welcome to my world! And GCSE year is horrible, but though the workload gets bigger if you stay on to do AS and A Levels it gets much much better because you've chosen 3 or 4 subjects you actually enjoy - I promise! I'm doing A Levels and I love them!

    And Shakespeare is fantastic - which play?

  12. Wow great pictures :)
    I like your white dress!

  13. Ughhh i'm completely with you on school...summer vacation please?
    Absolutely stunning photos! You look gorgeous :)
    Looks like a wonderful place! xoxo

  14. you two look great in your prints. back to the daily grind i guess, but at least you can look forward to fall fashion.

  15. I know exactly what you mean about the school part! same here about college, Oh well! Love the pictures looks amazing you and your sister are both stunning <3 xxx

  16. Your summer holiday looks fab! When I went back to school after summer I was just counting down to October half term!

  17. @SmilesAllAround:)- Arghh i no, just rain rain rain, where was summer! :( And thankyou :)

    @Rachel- Haha, im sick of coursework!! :/

    @Jess- Thankyou, and awww, hope you get a job soon. I cant wait to leave school but i think il do 6th form in a year :)

    @Ferm- N'aww thanks babe!

    @Toni Tralala- It was lovely there, so hot and quiet! :)

    @Curves ahead makeup- Haha, no, we arnt twins shes three years older (i know, hard to believe with the height difference haha). One of the pics was taken on a day were we dressed really alike accidentally hehe! :)

    @Fudgesmoothiesmakeup- Thats right! It was lovely! :)

    @Irene ♥- We did, thankyou hun!

    @Holly- Thankyoouu :)

    @Sophie- Uhh i know, too much work!! :(

    @Rachel- I dont even know how the work could get bigger haha! But i cant wait to do 6th form! So excited for this year to be over haha!

    @Audrey- Thankyou, its from primark haha!

    @Laura xo- Uhh i know! Need another holiday already! :)

    @Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse- Ohh yeahh cant wait for winter to get a new wardrobe :)

    @Nicola- I know, i miss the holidays, schools just so... blah :/

    @LadyBugSays- Haha, me too! Only like 6 more weeks haha! :)