Seriously In Need Of A Little Hair Therapy

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Hola Chickens!

I am seriously in need of some big hair help from you all, up for the challenge? ;)

Seems that lately my hair has been more 'mehh'... than 'wowza!', and I need your amazing help to cure my hair slump!

Years of straightening, neglect and general meanness on my already extremely thin, limp hair has made the situation even worse, leaving me with dry, flat, and ridiculously thin hair.

I yearn for beautiful, full, thick, bloody amazing hair. I have serious hair-envy...

For a few months now I've been on a strict no-heat ban for my hair, which has improved its condition marginally. Now my hair care routine is to just shampoo and condition, let my hair air dry and then sleep with it piled on top of my head for a tiny bit of added umphh!

However, my ends are so dry and damaged I have resorted to snipping some of my split ends off myself, as I'm growing my hair longer, so I try not to snip off too much when visiting the dreaded hairdresser.

So my big question is, have you got thin hair, how do you deal with it, and how can I give mine some added volume while still maintaining my no-heat ban? And what sort of products could help my poor dry hair? Any miracle products out there that cure split ends?

Thank you my lovelies, you are my saviours! :)


  1. i want kim kardashian hair please (:,xx

  2. Definate must to healthy hair was my aussie shampoo, it got rid of all build up and made my hair less weighed down but full of volume and made it less greasy. I also reccomend cleaning your straightners with a dry cloth as oils and dirt can get trapped on them. Maybe invest in velco rollers, thats what Kim Kardash uses!

  3. I love to use Bed Heads Ego Boost on my split ends, it really works well for me and it smells amazing too. :-) <3

  4. I want LC's hair! There's not much you can do about split ends 'cept cut them off :/
    For dry hair I use Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Intensive Treatment (there's a review on my blog). Seems to do the job :)

  5. awh your hair always looks lovely to me! I would recommend backcombing, not madly though as that can damage it, sorry I cant be of more help, I have annoying thick hair so I'm not really sure! Cheryl has beautiful hair, if only we could all have on the go hair-stylists! haha xxx

  6. I sleep with 4 velcro rollers in my hair overnight, I'm going to do a post on it tomorrow but I love the volume that gives! :) xx

  7. WHat about these: ? They look good. And they are cheap.

  8. I love sexy curly hair too!!I know what you are going through hun!!!hoho!!

  9. i has the same problem due to all the heat..not ive laid off the heat for about a month so far i use hot oil about once every 2 weeks, and i use LOreal Paris Elvive full restore 5 shampoo and conditioner..they also have the elvive restore 5 mask..which i like! <3 i wana try the bed head one though..hvnt thought of that one yet!x

  10. Brilliant, I snip split hairs from my hair too!!!
    I'm delighted I'm not the only one!!
    I'll be keeping an eye on this post because my hairs meh at the moment too!!

  11. My tricks of the trade is Label B Blow Out Spray and then my clip in hair extensions. Also if you don't want to back comb your hair, I use a foxy locks beehive. Hope that helps,

    Love Rach xxx

  12. i want all there hair haha!i swear by samy fat hair products along with james brown (not the soul king haha),they do my hair wonders:)

  13. My hair's not too thin, but it's definitely not thick - i do the same thing, shampoo & condition, but i leave the conditioner on my hair for about 2-3 minutes, then rinse it out with cold water, it gives it more shine & locks in the moisture to your hair. I sometimes use a leave-in conditioner as well, i found that the Tresemee Curl Hydration Moisture Creme (it's not just for curls, it's basically just a leave-in conditioner) doesn't weight down my hair at all, which is awesome. As for getting a bit of volume, i just backcomb at my roots a bit with a brush - people say it's damaging but i haven't had any problems with that - and then i just spray it with a bit of hairspray & it holds for most of the day.

    Hope i helped a bit! xoxo

  14. Try this:

    Hope it helps!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. I did a post on Take The Heat - which is amazing if you start using heat products again. They also have a volume range you could try. I've never tried this range but other ones I've tried have worked brilliantly.


  16. For instant volume i use "big sexy hair play powder".
    Its really good and gives thin hair a boost :)

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  19. I would reccomend like some conditioning treatments at a hairdressers, Or investing in a good conditioning mask treatment for your self to use at home, I find these really really help. & They will make your hair not as dry, & for the volume, you could try a few big velcro rollers on the crown of your hair and leave them over night, The brand we use at our salon is the loriel proffesional range, & it is really really good, although quite pricey they have loads of volumising sprays and creams that add volume alot, I really would reccomend them :) I hope you get your WOWZA hair soon :) xx

  20. Thankyou soooo much for the tips girlies!

    @Holly- Me too, shes absolutely stunning!!

    @Lisa.- Ohhh i picked up some velcro rollers the other day, although i managed to get them stuck in my hair first time i used them haha!

    @Clairabelle- Ohh i will check that out!

    @Molly- She has beautiful hair! I know, i really need to go get a trim, and ill check out that shampoo thankyou!!

    @Fern- Wish i had thick hair like yours! I always seem to resort to backcombing, but it never stays, which is annoying! :/

    @Sophie- Ohh cool, i shall check that post out!

    @Anonymous- Wow thanks! Il check it out!

    @Blushingloves- Haha, i think everyone strives for perfect curly big hair!

    @Ana Cristina- Its so annoying that heat always causes so much damage! I tried hot oil,but didnt really see a difference which was annoying, but thankyou for the advise! :)

    @Dollface- Haha, its the only way! :D

    @Ray- Hmm im thinking about investing in some clip in extentions, but im not sure if they will look good on my thin hair :/

    @Irene ♥- Haha! I will check him out! :)

    @Laura xo- Ohh great tips! Thankyouuu! Iv now got a tresemme leave in conditioner, which made my hair smoothy-smooth, so hopefully its helping it! :)

    @Marie- Ahh thankyou!!

    @Jess- Il have a peek at the range, thankyouu!

    @ShoppingAddict- Ohh thankyou, ill have a look at this!

    @Marie- Aww thankyou!

    @Dolls Factory- Thanks for following!

    @Nicola-x- Thanks so much for the tips nicola! Iv got some velcro rollers although i find they always get stuck to my head haha! :)