Oh Dear, Another Haul...

Saturday 25 September 2010

Oh yes girlie's, its another haul!
Sorry for the lack of 'proper' posts recently, its seems all my spare time is spent shopping and taking on my ever growing pile of homework rather than blogging, whoops!
Promise promise promise there will actually be some good posts up soon...


Last Sunday I went to town determined to find the perfect winter staple pieces that would last throughout the whole of the cold season. And what did I come back with you ask? A truck load of makeup and summer clothes.


I know, I know, I'm a bad shopper! I spend all my money in Superdrug and then while out clothes shopping I panic buy on things I don't really need. But hey ho, what can you do?! Here are my goodies the I picked up...

After all your fabulous advice on the comments of my Seriously In Need Of A Little Hair Therapy post where I asked for advice on my flat, dull boring hair, I was determined to go out and pick up a few things to get my hair from hideous to hair-mazing! And after a few minutes browsing the shelves of the lovely Superdrug, I picked up these lovelies, Tresemme Reconstructing Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask, from the (bargainous) £2.50, and Tresemme Heat Defence Spray, £2.50. And I have to say, what a treat my hair got that night! The conditioning mask really is an amazing product, leaving my hair shiny in just 10 minutes, and so soft I spent the following day stroking it and forcing my friends to feel just how amazing my hair felt. And as for the the heat defence spray, lets just say there will be no more heat damage for my hair, horahh!!

 Now, naughty Superdrug had a 3 for 2 deal on all Barry M products, and hey, who can ignore a great deal, ehh?! Of course I had to pick my much lusted after Nail Paints in Berry Ice Cream (No. 308) and Navy (No. 292) and I must say, they really are beautiful. I'm a bit late to jump on the lilac nails bandwagon, but its a lovely, pale purple, great with a tan, and the navy has amazing iridescent blue particles which looks stunning on the nails! 

Now for the cheapies in my little haul!
I was over the moon when on my little trip into Superdrug I discovered my local had finally got MUA products, and, not one to ignore new makeup, I bought Shade 17 of the eyeshadow, for the tiny price of £1. Speaking of things for £1, upon popping into the Pound Shop, I discovered this little bargain, Loreal Paris Shadow Minerals in Gold. Ohh I do love the pound shop, this colour is a stunning iridescent true gold and what an amazing find in the pound shop!?

To make up the 3 in my 3 for 2 deal on Barry M products I picked up this gorgeous lip gloss in Coral (No. 11) after becoming obsessed with the Toffee lip gloss, which as the name suggests smells amazing! This is no different, and smells like sweets, and what a beautiful colour!
I also picked up the essential Vaseline, and while browsing the makeup, as usual, I found something I've wanted for, well, forever. Me Me Me Beat The Blues Highlighter in Sunbeam, for just £4.50 was added to my rather large shopping basket. And boy oh boy am I glad. This highlighter really is lovely, adding such a beautiful sun ray highlight, which will look perfect in summer next year. (Who cares if I'm a bit early? ;)

And finally on my little Superdrug-spree, I picked up these Self Grip Velcro Bedtime Rollers for £3.50. Now, these I'm not too sure about as the first time I tried these I succeeded in getting them stuck in my hair, and rather than creating beautiful tumbling curls, I got messy birds nest hair instead, not a good look, let me tell you. So my question is, has anyone tried Velcro rollers and if so how do you use them?

Another couple of staple items were picked up were leggings (H&M, £7.99) and spotty tights (Primark £2). I'm seriously in need of some decent leggings after a few horrific accidents with the devilish Primark leggings, where they decided to split while I was out- cringe!!

These gorgeous little booties were a steal from Primark for just £15, woo whooo! Perfect for winter and just about perfect for everything else too...

I picked up this simple but gorgeous baggy t-shirt in Primark for just £4. The detailing is edgy and this is the perfect t-shirt for lazy days over leggings.

For just £11, this adorable little heart jumper was another bargain buy from Primark. I bought it two sizes too big so it would be slouchy and comfortable for those cold days, but still pretty with its cute heart design.

And another Pimark bargain, at £4, this little vest top with flower embellishment is so pretty and feminine, so who cares if its more summer than winter!

And finally, the last cheapie of the day was this pretty summer dress from New Look, for just £7 in the sale. Its a beautiful khaki colour and the detailing is just lovely.
Sorry for the ridiculously long haul cupcakes, I confess I have a slight shopping problem! Well done if you got this far...



  1. I'm in need of a good hair mask, I've tried a pantene one and a umberto giannini one and haven't been impressed with either! Might have to give the tresemme one a try :-)

  2. wow, i loved this post, can you do a review on the mememe highlighter? :) xxxx

  3. Great buys! It makes me want to go shopping now! :) Love the pink vest top from Primark!

  4. I love that New Look dress - gorgeous colour! I used to have the Tresemme deep conditioner and I really liked it. x

  5. fab haul! i love the boots<3,xxx

  6. @ diamantegirl- Definately give it a go! Its lovely and on sale in Superdrug at the moment :)

    @Chloe- Sure i can, comeing up :)

    @Olivia- Thankyouu, i love it too, the flowers are so cute! :)

    @LilyLipstick- Thankyou! I dont have anything khaki really so i thought i'd give it a go! I love the deep conditioner too, make my hair ridiculosly soft!

    @Holly- Thanks hun, they were such a bargain too!

    @girlinthecity- The lipglosses are lovely! Im not a fan of gloss either, but these are not sticky at all, and they smell divine! :)


  7. ahhh! i love all of the clothes you got! i wish we had a Pimark! but i don't live in the UK...:(

    oh and what is a barry m? is it like a drugstore?

  8. I've got those Primark Boots, and I wish I hadn't bought them. Though they are beautiful and amazingly comfy for Primark standards; you can see right down into them all the time. The amount of times I have heard someone comment on my choice of socks!!

  9. The TRESemmé Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask looks interesting. I love hair masks (=

    What a bargain for this L'Oréal eyeshadow! it does look pretty!

    I'm loving the pretty color of the Barry M liplgoss =D

    And those boots... =DDDD

  10. oh i love what you got, the flowery primark top is so sweet!:)

  11. my sister was after some leggings and i warned her against buying primark ones! they're only £3 but they're so thin!
    h&m are the best i've found - i bought a new pair yesterday and they feel thicker than my other ones which i've bought there in the past! maybe they know something we don't - the weather's only going to get colder :( xx

  12. So i take it was a sucessful shopping trip lol. Loving the Primark boots and I am also wondering how to use velcro rollers too, cause last time i tried putting them in I nearly ripped half my hair out :( think I will you tube it xxx

  13. love love love all of it! i don't know if barry m is available in the states because i never see it anywhere :( i've been looking for a light lavender color like that forever

  14. LOVE the haul. Glad you got the MEMEME highlighter. They are uber cheap and I seriously cannot tell the difference between them & Benefit! xx

  15. ooh yay lots of lovely new things! I must say that pic of the Barry M nail polishes is rather arty! ahaha I actually love the khaki dress! xxxx

  16. Amazing haul girlie!, Those boots are gorgeous I need some new boots so bad and those are exactly what I had in mind!, I looked in primark too and didnt see them, Ahh!, Love the clothese! and barry m lilac has been a faveroite for sometime! & Velcro rollers, Im not quite sure to be honest I suppose it's different when your putting them in your own hair rather than someone else.. Hmm!

  17. love the nailpaint! oh how i wish there was a primark in canada! Come Follow me & vote XOXO

  18. Nice stuff! I love love love the boots and the pink vest! :D


  19. I'm 100% heading off to primark tomorrow! <3 the boots & heart jumper gorgeous! x

  20. @Emily- Its such a shame the US doesnt have Primark, its amazing! Barry M is a drugstore brand, a bit like NYX i guess :)

    @Sophie- Hehe, oh dear, hopefully i just where plain sock with them hehe! :)

    @Gaby- Ohh the mask really is lovely, leaves my hair sooo smooth :)

    @Irene ♥- Thanks sweetie, i love it! :)

    @Sarah- Ohh i know, the primark ones are awful, but i love my h&m ones! :)

    @Ray- Haha, im still trying to figure velcros out, if i figure it out, ill do a post :)

    @A- I dont think Barry M is available in the states but i think OPI has a dupe of it! :)

    @DesignerSpray- The highlighter is amazing, so so pretty! :)

    @Fern- Hehe, im really trying to make my blog pictures look a bit more interesting hehe!

    @Nicola-x- Ohh thanks hun! I love the boots, Primark always has really good cheap ones!Im just trying to figure out velcro rollers hehe! :)

    @FASHION ICE- Its a shame they are only in england!

    @Mia- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Jen- Haha, hope you find some bargains!


  21. Amazing haul, I swear by the Tresemme heat defence spray!

  22. @LadyBugSay- I agree, it helps my hair soo much :) xx