the big 16.

Saturday 12 February 2011

As some of you may know, my birthday was last Monday and ooh it feels good to finally be the big 1-6!!
On Saturday night I went out for a birthday meal to the restaurant Zizzi's, and boy, do they have good nosh! There I had a few amazing surprises from my lovely friends including the best birthday cake in the whole wide world and a beautiful 'friendship book' made by my best friends in the whole wide world :)
It was a great night, and two days later, my actual birthday was just as good with presents, more presents... and just a few more presents!

Revlon Colourstay Foundation
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
ELF Concealer & Highlighter
Bourjois Bronzer
MAS Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
ELF Mineral Blush in Rose
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
ELF Cream Liner (Used as eyeshadow base and liner)
Sleek Bad Gal Palette
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Socialite (used wet on inner corners)
Avon Supershock Gel Liner
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
MAC Hue Lipstick

Dress- Primark
Tights- Random
Boots- Primark
Nails- Barry M Raspberry

Some of my favourite birthday presents included...

...a flashing birthday badge :) birthday card ever from my larvelyyy sister <3

...a huge hamper of random but meaningful gifts from the besties :)

...the most adorable mini owl necklace!

...MAC Creme Cup Lipstick & Painterly Paint Pot... woohooo!

...a huge selection of chocolate... I think they are trying to fatten me up... nomnomnom

And that is the end of my birthday for another year ♥


  1. Aw hope you had a good birthday & your dress and makeup looks lovely, noice pressies also!x

  2. You look so beautiful in those pics! Happy late birthday huni


  3. You look gorgeous in those pics! Glad you had a fab day and loving the look of your pressys! x

  4. aww you look beautiful! Happy belated birthday, I hope you got everything you wished for! You should do a post showing us your mac lipsticks, i'm tres intrigued! haha XOXOX

  5. Aww happy belated birthday! Looks like you got loads of lovely present, glad you had a great day :) xx

  6. happy belated birthday! hope you had a lovely day, that owl necklace is cuuute!

  7. Fab post<3, creme cup is lovely!xx

  8. omg hun ur only 16????!!!!! ur a baby!! i remember when i was 16 (tear)!!! enjoy ur teen yrssss!!!

  9. Wow! I cant believe that dress is from Primark, it's gorgeous. How much was it?

  10. hey i have a request love your blog so much, can you do a post on your makeup organization?

  11. Happy belated birthday hun, hope u had a fab day :)

  12. Happy belated birthday!
    Your hair looks gorgeous here and your presents all look lovely :) x

  13. Aww, happy *belated* birthday sweetie!! You look soo gorgeous <3 Hope you had an amazing day :) Ooh, if you could let us know how Creme Cup works out for you, that would be lovely - i was thinking of getting it! xoxo

  14. Happy belated birthday! You got spoiled! Is that Barry M Mushroom that I see? I have it and absolutely love it (=

    Love your eye makeup, gorgeous!

  15. sounds like you had a great birthday :) you look amazing and you got some pretty amazing gifts :) Glad you had a good day :) xxx

  16. Happy belated birthday for your sweet 16!! (:
    You look gorgeous!

  17. Happy Birthday!
    I have to wait until august!
    Fab presents, I love owl stuff! :P

  18. u have beautiful eyes !

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! You looked beautiful :)

    (I love MAC's Painterly Paint Pot too!)

  20. you look gorg! just followed :)

  21. happy birthday hun! you look fab xxx

  22. I love the way you did your eyeshadow! Very pretty! Love the blog btw! Now a follower! :) Woot woot!

  23. Thankyou for all your lovely lovely comments girlies, i appreciate them so much <3 :)

    @Fern- MAC lippie post coming up in the next post hopefully :)

    @Glamorous Glory- Haha yep only 16 :)

    @Anonymous- It was £8, such a bargain and thankyoouu :)

    @Anonymous- I will definately do a makeup storage post soon :)

    @Laura xo- Review will be up in the next post of Creme Cup :)

    @G A B Y- It is Barry M Mushroom, its gorgeous! :)