fake v's natural.

Saturday 5 February 2011

The big issue in the beauty industry at the moment is the vicious battle between fake and natural makeup and looks, with many younger girls being pressured into wearing excess makeup or even considering cosmetic surgery, just to feel 'perfect'. This battle in the makeup world is quickly being increased by advertisements claiming fake is better, with the huge rise in airbrushing adverts, however many still swear that natural beauty is best.

My 18 year old sister Sophie is a prime example of this. She is a beautiful girl, but still insists on slapping on makeup by the truckload for everyday wear, when in reality, it is just not needed. A few days ago we conducted a 'beauty experiment' (lets geek out here 8) where I did two extreme makeup looks on her- 'natural' and 'fake'. Here are the results...


Revlon Colourstay Foundation mixed with moisturiser
ELF Mineral Blush in Rose
MeMeMe Highlighter in Sun Beam
No7 Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf and Mink
Max Factor False Lash Effect
Mac Hue Lipstick

I was amazed when I completed this look on her. She absolutely hated it as it was so out of her normal 'fallback look' of heavy makeup, but in my opinion, I don't think she needs it.


Revlon Colourstay Foundation in a dark and light shade
Sleek Bad Gal Palette
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Bourjois Bronzer
ELF Warm Bronzer
ELF Blusher in Blushing Rose
False Lashes
Avon Gel Liner
MAC Cherry Lipliner
No7 Lipstick in Ruby Glow (20)
L'oreal Paris Glam Shine Lipgloss in Endless Carmine (506)

By no means is this look completely 'fake' but it is very heavy and daring. I also love this look as it photographs so well, but I still prefer her in the natural look. Sophie, of course, preferred this look, but she did say she was pleased she'd actually seen herself a little stripped back on the makeup front.

I was shocked when the next day she walked in with noticeably less makeup on and was actually wearing a lot more natural look that she was used to. I was such a proud sister, teehee!

Personally, I think she looks lovely in both looks and I love the look of both 'natural' and 'fake' makeup, but the whole point of this 'experiment' was to show her she didn't need it, especially for everyday.

So which do you prefer?


  1. Your sis is gorgeous! You both obviously come from good genes lol! Love both these looks on her, but the natural one is my fav :) xx

  2. her natural look is stunning!

  3. She suits both looks but she really suits Natural, maybe she should change to putting the Natural on as a daily routine and a bit more extreme for nights out or weekends or something.

  4. Aw, your sister's beautiful! Definitely prefer the natural look though, and I'm glad your experiment worked. I have a friend I'm itching to do this to - she's a gorgeous girl and she has great skin but she insists on piling on foundation like it's going out of fashion! x

  5. She looks gorgeous with both; but the second would be way to much for everyday, great for a party though :) xxx

  6. Ooh, what a lovely experiment - i'm glad it worked! I think both looks are nice, but i prefer the natural look :) xo

  7. This is truly brilliant! You're right about your sister being stunning eitherway, but the natural look looks amazing on her! Great makeup skills :D x

  8. Your sis is sooo sweet!!! Love her natural look:)
    Even the 'fake' one is gorgeous:))

  9. Amazing post! Sophie is gorgeous but I have to say I think she looks prettier natural (:<3

  10. i love the more makeup look, but only for nights out, the natural one is, well natural and brings out all her features :) xxx

  11. Natural is always the way to go for me, except if I'm going clubbing or something like that.

  12. I love the natural look! she looks stunning in both though :)

  13. Your sister is gorgeous. I prefer the natural look but the eyes of the second look would be great for a night out with natural lips. x

  14. Amazing post! You and your sister are both stunning!! She suits both looks and looks amazing in both, but I think the natural one is so much better :) xxx

  15. i think she looks pretty in both... I wish I could pull off the natural! X

  16. She does look lovely in both looks because she is a very pretty girl,

    But I think the natural look, looks 100 times better on her.

  17. your sister look stunning! i love the natural look on her. i think she can pull off both looks well and the fake makeup could be fun for a big party but no way would she need all that everyday. a natural beauty!xx

  18. this was a very interesting experiment! Your sister looks great either way, but I'd definitely choose the natural look over fake.

  19. You did your sister's makeup beautifully in both pictures! I prefer natural, but for the evening or something the second look is brilliant!xxx

  20. I think there's a time and a place for each. Whilst the 'fake' is a little over-powering with such a heavy eye and a dark lip, I'm assuming it's not something she wears to pop to the shops! If you're going out for the night, by all means experiment with your makeup and really have fun with it but for every day, the natural look maybe with a bold lip added in will always win hands down for me. Natural can look good for day or night IMO. Both looks suit your sister :)

    This has actually inspired me to maybe do a post like this of my own and I've been stuck in a blogging rut for ages. Thanks!


  21. Wow you have some serious make-up talent! I prefer the natural look, but the more done-up look makes for more interesting photos!

    Joanne Faith xo

  22. I love both, but theres a time and place for the 'fake' (more heavy) look. Not for going out shopping which I see alot! xx

  23. @Vivianna- Haha thankyouu! I deffo prefer natural too!

    @Carlinn- I agree :)

    @Lisa- Definately , she needs to sort out when and where ;)

    @Hannah- Ohh definately do it, it will be worth it if she learns she doesnt need it all! :)

    @Fern- Definately! Just needed to show her she didnt need it all :)

    @Laura- Haha, thankyou! :)

    @Jenny- Aww thankyou! She does look lovely either way, i prefer natural :)

    @ rakhshanda- Hahaa, thanks sweetie!

    @Holly- I agree, i love the natural look!

    @Chloe- Definately! It would look great for nights out! :)

    @girlinthecity- Hahaa, thankyou sweetie! It is a little va-va-voom as you say ;)

    @G A B Y- I agree, you can definately go a bit more 'fake' on a night out! :)

    @DaintyMakeup- Thankyou babe!!

    @LilyLipstick- Yes, i would look gorgeous with nude lips! :)

    @Nicola- I agree, makes her look younger and fresher-faced! :)

    @Indigo- I bet you could! :)

    @Emily Anne- I definately agree, looks lovely in natural!:)

    @*Starsglittermagic*- Definately for a party it would be great, she doesnt need it everyday hehe! :)

    @Audrey♥- Me too! I love my geekiness with the 'experiment' hehe! ;)

    @Ellie- I agree! :)

    @Vicky- I definately agree! Natural is for everyday but everyone should be more adventurous at night! I hope you do a post like this! :)

    @Joanne Faith- Aww thankyou babe, i agree, it photographs beautifully! :)

    @Jessica- Definately, way too much for going down the shops! :)


  24. like ur smooky eye !

  25. Very nice makeup !
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  26. Love the first look- much more practical, but I also love the smoky eyes, on the second look! Now following! Please check out my blog? XXX