lets get cracking!

Friday 25 February 2011

Ring from New Look (poor owlie is missing an eye):

After a bit of a lack of inspiration- nail polish wise- lately, today out came my big box of nail polishes I own, ready for a rejuvenation. After chucking out countless bottles of nasty, dried up gunk that I previously kept only on the grounds of '.. but their pretty!', I came across an old favourite, Nails Inc London. This gorgeous mauvey-taupe is a perfect soft, almost-spring colour, however on its own I felt it need a little bit more umph.

So, being the sneaky little sister that I am, I brought my lovely big sis Barry M Cracked nail polish for her birthday this week, and after a little blackmailing (with chocolate, of course ;) she agreed to let me have a little play. I actually really like the effect of just using Cracked on the one finger, rather than a whole hand, and wow, is this nail polish something unique or what!?

This week is half term, meaning that I have a whole week off, away from school. Well that's what they say anyway, but it hasn't stopped them from piling on the work. Its scary how speedily this year is going by. Being in Year 11, I only have about 8 weeks left of normal school, eeekk! After summer I'll be returning to the 6th form, I feel like I'm growing up so fast- scary!

Anyway, that's enough of the rambles from me, have a good weekend my loves! :)



  1. Love the soft mauve colour with the crackled affect it looks so good! Definitely agree looks really nice on just one finger :) x x

  2. Ooh that looks pretty! If you think year 11 is going quickly, try lower 6th. It's scary how soon mocks/ real exams are! ugh x

  3. I need to try this cracked nail varnish, it looks so cool!xx

  4. I think Cracked on just one finger is pretty cool.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. That looks so nice! And I love your ring :)xx

  6. Love the ring!
    And I know what you mean about Year 11 going quick!

  7. aw i love the effect, it looks great - reminds me of lorraine on the one finger like that as well! i hope your mocks and gcse's are going well so far! x

  8. Ooh, love this color & the Barry M cracked nail polish looks amazing with it! Will definitely have to pick myself up a bottle when i'm over there :) They should come out with other colors as well, i think it would look really cool! xo

  9. This looks really cool especially just done on the one finger with that colour! I love your ring btw, i think it looks more vintage with one eye missing ;) haha! x

  10. Your owl ring is gorgeous.
    I'm in love with the nail color!
    It seems like every brand is coming out with a crackle/shatter nail polish now a days! I have the OPI shatter! I like your effect on one finger!

  11. the nails inc polish looks gorgeous :)
    & I love how you've only put the cracking polish on one finger!! x

  12. ahhh i looove the barry m cracking polish, me and my sister have been searching every boots and supperdrug in the land but its all sold out:/ lovvveelly post :) xx

  13. @Phoebe- I love it on one finger too!

    @ Jenny- Hahaaa, ohh cant wait for 6th form hehe!

    @Holly- It is really cool haha!:)

    @Life- Thankyouu!

    @Marie- me too, thankyouu :)

    @Emma- Aww thankyou! It was a present from my sister :)

    @-Molly- Its crazy!!

    @DaintyMakeup- I love this effect too, and thankyouu!

    @Laura- I think Barry M have it in pink and blue as well now! Hope you pick it up, and i think you canget a similar one from OPI! :)

    @Christina Marie- Hahaa, it does look a bit vintage! Thankyou! :)

    @Emily Anne- Hahha, thankyou, im in love with the ring too, i cant take it off!

    @..R May A..- Thankyou sweetie!

    @cosmetic-junkie- Ahh noo, hope you find it soon!