honey i washed the kids!

Sunday 27 February 2011

Honey bees, honey soap, honey everything; if you smell like honey, then zomgggg- I'm there.

Honey scents have always been a favourite of mine ever since I was a wee child, and now that my LUSH obsession has taken full form it seems honey is readily available to me- sorry about that bank balance ;)

For my birthday, I received the much raved about Honey I Washed The Kids soap from LUSH, and my oh my was I pleased with my gift?! This bar of gorgeousness lasts forever and smells divine. I cannot even get over the scent.... nomnomnommmm.

So of course I was over the moon when I discovered It's Raining Men, the shower gel version of Honey I Washed The Kids. This maybe the best shower gel in the world, period. If you like honey scents, then this is the shower gel for you, and hey, even if you don't, it is just downright amazing... like liquid heaven. But its limited edition- sob sob- so I'd better get myself out and down to my nearest LUSH to stock up on backups!

I've also been hearing about Honey I Washed The Kids Perfume, however I think this may have been discontinued.
If not- I need it in my life!

Do any of you lovely ladies have any honey/LUSH recommendations for me? :)


  1. I really need to get to LUSH asap. I have never been there but this smells amazing!

  2. honey i washed the kids was my first lush soap, i love it, such a classic xx

  3. Hey! Are you from London? I'm searching for a shop there that sells Vans Era.. Do you know one?
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  4. I adore It's Raining Men! I went out last week and bought the biggest bottle so i wouldn't run out :D x

  5. Honey I washed the kids soap is one of my all time favourites, the godmother soap probably tops it for me though :)

  6. Ma Bar bubble bar, Honey Bee ballistic and soft coeur moisturising massage bar are all meant to smell of HIWTKs.

  7. Honey is one of my all time favourite scents too! I have the 100g It's raining men - I had no idea it's limited edition! If it is I'm going to stock up ASAP!
    I have the Honey I washed the kids soap bar too - it's like heaven when I use them!

  8. I love Honey I Washed The Kids but I prefer shower gels, so I might give It's Raining Men a go (=

  9. Mmmm honey I washed the kids is my favourite soap ever! :)

  10. I've actually never tried honey I washed the kids :O, I definitely need to!xx

  11. I need to get that showergel! I hope it's still there when I go next x

  12. I've got my fingers crossed I can get a bottle of this tomorrow but after all the good reviews I bet it's sold out! :(
    I have the HIWTK solid perfume which smells lovely too although mine has tried up a bit so it doesn't work as well. I really hope they bring it back though as i'd definitely buy another! xx

  13. That soap has been my fave lush product for years! Its a lot subtler and softer than a lot of their products. (some are WAY too strong for me!) xxx

  14. Ive wanted to try that soap for ages I always end up not buying it though :/ smells delicious ahh I love lush don't know if I could say the same about my bank balance! <3 xxx

  15. where do i find lush lotions?
    by the way i have a blog as well
    check it out and follow

  16. @Devea- Can't believe you've never been to LUSH, its amazing! :)

    @Chloe- It was my first soap too, it smell ridiculosly good! :)

    @Grace- Sorry no im not

    @Christina Marie- I need to go and stock up, its so lovely!!

    @..R May A..- I've never tried Godmother but i may go and have a sniff of it soon! Haha!

    @Wing- Wow, thanks! I will have to check them out!

    @Olivia- Its my absolute fav, honey scents are the best! :)

    @G A B Y- I agree, shower gels are better, so Its Raining Men is perfect!!

    @Beccy- Its gorgeous, isnt it!? :)

    @Holly- You definately need to, its amazing!!

    @westwoodxo- Its gorgeous, i hope it is!

    @Caz- i ordered that this week and it really is lovely, however i do think that HIWTK soap is a bit nicer! :)

    @Phoebs- I agree, some are a bit strong, but HIWTK is just right! :)

    @Nicola- I know what you mean, i spend wayy to much there!

    @Lupe Islas- They are available at LUSH, i think you can order online too!

    @kirstyb- Its amazing!:)