come on skinny love, what happened here?

Friday 10 June 2011

Shorts: H&M, Cardigan: Primark, Shirt: Primark, Jewellery & Belt: Primark

♥ I wore this little outfit on a trip out to dinner with my family as an excuse to crack out these H&M shorts. I seriously love the pattern of these and how they are a bit more daring than I normally go for. Of course, the best part is that they look a little cow print-esque and cow things always seem to attract me... I may even have cow socks, cow pyjamas, and a cow bag, which I wore on a D of E hike and attracted rather a lot of unwanted attention from the resisdent cows in the area, opps.

♥ I only have 3 exams left- YESSSSSS! Finally, its almost over and all those months of blood sweat and tears (with a little revision thrown in) are almost over. I cannot wait to go out and celebrate and to be freeeeeeeeee!

♥ Is it just me, or is everyone's birthday in June!? I am completely skint from all the birthday pressies I have been buying recently, and am still on the hunt for a job, although I think I may actually be unemplyable haha!

♥ I'm currently obsessing over Skinny Love by Birdy, it is the most perfect song ever. The best thing about it in my opinion is that Skinny Love is a Vampire Diaries song, my absolute favourite programe in the world, ever... and I just discoved that Ed Sheeran covered it here, its ahh-mazing!
♥ If you haven't already, remember to enter my giveaway, it ends Sunday! :)


  1. Gorgeous as always Hannah! I love Skinny love too but i prefer the original by Bon Ivor, i think its really lovely as his voice is so textured if you get what i mean. I love the shorts! I need to get lots more shorts! I love patterned ones aswell!


  2. You look lovely Hannah! :) I love Birdy's version of Skinny Love - it's beautiful xx

  3. You look really lovely! Love this outfit, wish i could pull off those shorts! Love, loooooove Skinny Love. Haven't heard the Birdy version but the original version (by Bon Iver :) is soo good! Hope you're doing well sweetie <3 xoxo

  4. laaav the shorts. i love bon iver, his voice is so beautiful, i've been listening to his album non stop for the past year! <3

  5. I love that song and vampire diaries! You should check out the original version by bon iver! x

  6. If only I had your figure! Gorgeous Hannah :) I only have two exams left now, after doing two today. Exhausted from worry more than constant revision! xx

  7. such an adorable outfit!
    btw skinny love is by bon iver

  8. Gorgeous outfit, i have the pattern of your shorts in a dress from H&M and i love it!

  9. So so pretty!
    Oh I love the Birdy version it's so lovely!

  10. I love these shorts <3 <3 <3
    I am addicted to skinny love too!!!! XXXX

  11. I remember that song from the vampire diaries too! I always seem to put it on repeat whenever i play it which will be D:
    and ahhh i heard the ed sheeran version, i swear he can make any song sound so so good, his voice is lovely :)
    those shorts are very cuute too! good luck on your exams xx

  12. pretty!
    love the colours combination


  13. i love the outfit! it goes well with your skin tone! stay pretty!



  14. Gorgeous outfit! x

  15. lovely outfit, good luck with the rest of your exams! x

  16. Super cute outfit :)

  17. i cannot believe how beautiful you look here Hannah! Laaave the shorts xxx

  18. Gorgeous outfit - I agree .. Vampire Diaries is AMAZING x

  19. @Lisa.- Bon Ivers voice is incredible, his version is just beautiful! Im in love with patterned shorts too haha! :)

    @Hannah- I cant get over how gorgeous Birdy's version is, its so lovely <3

    @Laura- Bon Ivers version is soooo beautiful, i just adore that song! Thankyou lovely! :)

    @Fern- His voice is stunning! Cant get over how good the song is!:)

    @Beccy- I just have and its lovely! And i adore the vampire diaries, cant wait for it to comeback!

    @Sophie- Ohh i know what you mean, revision is killing me! Good luck with the rest of your exams, mine end this friday- finally!

    @Anon- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Ess-Jay24- Ohh it would look so nice in a dress!:)

    @Shabna- It is stunning, and thankyou hun!

    @Ellie- Thankyou sweetie- skinny love is such a beautiful song!

    @Carina- Me too, its pretty much on repeat constantly! Ed Sheeran is AMAZING!

    @Grace- Thankyou sweetie!

    @mariska- Thankyouu, i love the colours too!:)

    @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Jenny- Thankyouu!

    @Elise- You too if you have any :)

    @Malika- Thanks sweets!

    @Beauty Writer- Thanks hun!

    @Faye Cavania- You can talk beautiful!! Haha, but thankyou sweetie, thats so nice of you :)

    @Roshas- Definately- i LOVEEEE it! Damon <3<3 ;)