heat free hair: volumising products!

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Its no secret that I absolutely love massive, voluminous messy hair, but with fine hair this is always a challenge to achieve without backcombing the hell out of my roots. However the products below are absolutely lifesavers for me and can achieve the desired amount of va-va-voom in my hair in just mere seconds!

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray
This is the perfect texturisor for achieving lovely beachy waves. I generally use this on my hair after leaving it in a bun (post here) so that it has some natural wave to begin with and then spray a little of this onto my hands and scrunch at the crown and roots. It is a phenomenal product for soft waves and it smells so good I normally spray it onto my clothes as well!

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical)
Batiste kindly sent me this to me to review their massive new 500ml sizes (no-more running out of dry shampoo for me!) and I have found that just a quick squirt at the roots gives my hair no end of volume, while clearing up any oily patches at the same time! It also smells beautiful and fresh for summer, win-win situation!

Got2B Powderful'
This is the best of the best in the volumising competition. I absolutely adore how easily this white dust can transform my hair from being a flat mess to gorgeous and volumised in one shake! It leaves hair a little sticky at first but makes the hair cling together so that it gives the roots a boost.

Here's me wearing the Got2B product with just a little shake at the roots...

 So thats my little round up of my favourite volumising products, a must have is most definitely the GOT2B powder as it is so cheap but so effective! Remember that when using any kind of products similar to these may leave your hair feeling weighed down and sticky the day after, so I always find it best to us these on 2-day hair!


  1. I was offered to try the Batiste Tropical, but I've already got a few at home so said no lol. I really wanna try the Got2B powder, and love the Lee Stafford Sea Spray. Lovely post hun xx

  2. your hair looks so nice, i love the batiste tropical - smells divine! xo

  3. I love salt sprays so I definitely need to try the lee stafford one, you look gorgeous in the pictures, I love your hair!

  4. i've heard lots of good things about the lee stafford spray! i've only tried the v05 salt spray, i didn't think it was anything special x

  5. Great products! I want to try them all :)

  6. Lovely post, once again! Absolutely need to get my hands on the Got2B Volumising Powder! xoxo

  7. Will have to try some of these -- I have the thinnest, stringiest hair -- and I'm Asian! Didn't get any of the good genes haha.

  8. Great post! I really want Got2B Powderful but I can't find it anywhere!

  9. @Sophie- I've never actually tried the topical one before, but its smell yum! The got2b powder is amazing! :)

    @Fern- Thankyou ever so much sweetie, and your right- tropical is amazing! :)

    @Curves ahead makeup- Thankyouuu <3

    @Holly- The Lee Stafford one is lovely and smells divine, although i guess you can probably make one the exact same just using salt and water ahah! :)

    @Elise- I have both and i prefer the Lee Stafford one, just because it smells soooo good!:)

    @Beauty Writer- I hope you do sweetie! :)

    @Laura xo- It really is amazing! And the cheapest of its kind i think! :)

    @Kelly- Aww thin hair is difficult to work with, i know how you feel! Hopefully one of these can help you! :)

    @Gaby- I found it in my local Superdrug, keep looking!:)


  10. I've never tried any of them before but your hair looks great :) I really like waves but my hair is curly so whenever I straighten is goes flat and i dont know if one of these products would work without making my hair curly again ??