lets vamp it up.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

After picking up the beautiful Maybelline Gel Liner the other day, it has integrated into my daily makeup routine, displacing the old ELF Cream Liner that used to be my liner of choice. The Maybelline version is a lot creamier, easier to work with and also includes a lovely little brush which is perfect for creating a multitude of different lines.

I was recently inspired by the wonderful Lisa Eldridge and her liner in this tutorial of hers, and had a wee go at recreating the look myself:

By no means is my version anywhere near as perfect as Lisa's original but I absolutely adore this look! It almost reminds me of something Gaby from the TV show Made in Chelsea would wear, and I love how dramatic and bold it is!

In the picture above I paired it with Hue lipstick from Mac, so as not to draw too much attention away from the eyes, however I also had a little play with my Sleek OMG Lipstick...

Paired with red lipstick it looks a little 'vamp-ish' and my mother even referred to it as 'Mautitia Adams' type makeup!

Although this isn't exactly wearable for everyday I'm still in love with the idea of dramatic cat liner, and I really hope Maybelline come out with different colours in their new liner!


  1. Hmm, I like the eyeliner on you x

  2. It looks fab on you! I really want to try the Maybelline liner now instead of splashing out on the Clinique or Bobbi Brown liners!


  3. Your eyeliner is perfect, mine never looks as good as that!

  4. Looks great its fun to try different looks xx

  5. This looks really beautiful! I could totally see myself trying this for a night out. Red lips & black liner really suit you!

  6. Love it! I used to wear my eyeliner like this every day when I was about 14/ 15 haha :)

  7. Oohh I love this it totally transformed your look, really suits you!! xx

  8. how on earth did you get your liner so flawless? you look amazing!

  9. You look gorgeous! Job well done sweetie, actually love this look on you. :) Love these experimental looks you do! xo

  10. Hot! I love your work with the liner.

  11. Wow, i wish i could just do a simple flick, this is amazing looks soo good :)

  12. you say it isn't perfect, but it looks pretty perfect to me! it looks really neat and professional.

  13. This looks so fab Hannah, you should wear your eyeliner like this to parties! I hope you have an amazing time at prom tonight!xx

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  15. wow-this is amazing! i think it looks good both ways! it does look more vampish with the red lips, but that is not a bad thing at all! you are so gorgeous girl! :)


  16. @Jenny- Thankyou, im really geting into black liner at the moment:)

    @Grace- Thanks hun!

    @Charlotte- I dont know how it compares as i've never tried the Bobbi Brown one but its pretty damn good!:)

    @Kat- Trust me, i spent a good while on it haha!:)

    @nicoletta- i love trying different looks!

    @Claire- I hope you do, its lovely but id be scared to wear it out haha!

    @Beauty's Bad Habit- Haha, i wish i was brave enough to wear it out!

    @Nicola-x- Thanks sweetie, i love how different it looks with red!

    @Caitlin- It took a while and a lot of retouching haha!:)

    @Laura- Thanks sweetie, i love doing them!

    @BEAUTIFULL- Thanks hun!

    @Jen W- Thanks, i love liner haha!

    @Roxanne- Maybe try using black eyeshadow if your finding it difficult, eyeshadows a little easier to work with :)

    @Katrina- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Anon- Wow thankyou, thats so sweet!

    @Holly- I definately will be! And thankyou hun!

    @Saif Imtiaz- Aww thanks haha!

    @Leigh- Definately more vampish with red lips, but i love it!:)


  17. Wow! you look sexy with red lips!...nice! xoxo

  18. cute! you look like a doll :)

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