summertime wishlist.

Friday 17 June 2011

Exams are finished and I am finally freeeeeeeeeeeee! With 11 weeks of plans free summer lying ahead of me, anything and everything is possible, and except for exam results day (25th August- helpp!) I just cannot wait. Of course, in those long stretching summer days a lot little shopping is to be done, and with a wishlist as long as my arm I cannot wait to hit the shops!

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MAC Face & Body Foundation
I am desperately in need of a good summer foundation; Revlon Colourstay is just not cutting it as the weather heats up. I am not a fan of heavy coverage anyway, so F&B sounds bloody brilliant, and the perfect foundation for prom!

OCC Lip Tars
in Hush & Safety Orange & many others...
These look amazingly pigmented and with such a beautiful range of colours I seriously need these in my life!

Sigma Contour Brush
After having my first taste of Sigma with the Miss Taylor Kabuki I cannot deny myself buying just a few more, to add to my already overflowing brush collection. This contour brush looks perfect for blush and contour and there are so many in the range that are also calling out for me to buy them!

Denim Scalloped Shorts
I've completely fallen in love with these shorts from Topshop, however they are sold out in the UK! *sob sob!*

Forever 21 Jewellery
I have just discovered how beautiful the range of jewellery in F21 is, especially this ring! I most definitely need to make an order from there sharpish!

And the last thing on my wishlist...

a job!


  1. I love the shorts, they're really pretty and summery :) The ring is cute too! Great post :) Good luck with your results Hannah! :) xxx

  2. Hey, hope the exams went really well! Enjoy your summer + prom xx

  3. If you like the Sigma brush you have, you should definitely try the F80. It's amazing! I use it with Revlon Colorstay and it gives the perfect amount of coverage without looking thick, but without looking thin either. Perfect amount and it blends seamlessly. Love it! Now I want to try all the other brushes. Uhoh. xx

  4. I love scalloping on clothes! It's an unexpected pop of pretty femininity. And oh la, the job might be the hardest or easiest part of the wishlist to come by. It's such an up in the air thing these days.

  5. I really really want to try Face and Body, but something else always distracts me! Its my mission to get it this summer! The ring is gorgeous too..Reminds me how much I need to shop! x

  6. lip tars have been on my wishlist for so long

  7. I could do with all of these things too! Especially a job - my funds are very limited at the moment!! xx

  8. That ring is lovely! Love all of your picks x

  9. I love the jewelry from forever21 too! I got two of my friends lovin it when I brought them in there for the first time haha.
    And I know how you feel! I need to get a job too :P did you have any ideas in mind for jobs? if you did, I'd love to hear them! Maybe you can help make up my mind for a job to take haha

  10. Hey! Congrats on finishing your exams. I hope you pass them all! As for your wishlist, it's pretty similar to mine, especially the Sigma part! lol I'd like to have that brush as well as the Make Me Crazy brush kit...and maybe a few other things as well lol

  11. If I get a job I think i'm actually going to cry of happiness haha, OCC lip tars look amazing!xx

  12. Are you kidding hehe, MAC face and body is what drag queens use, it's ultra-heavy for the "plastic look"!!

  13. @Hannah- Thanks, i adore the shorts too!:)

    @Jenny- Thankyou- i hope your exams went ok too!:)

    @Sophie- Ohhh it sounds lovely! The F80 is definitely on my wishlist!:)

    @R. Grace- Scolloping is definitley really femine and pretty! And i agree about the job, they are so hard to come by these days!:(

    @Julie- Im hopeing to get F&B this week... fingers crossed haha!:)

    @bettzy93- They look so nice!:)

    @Georgina- I need a job so badly too, my funds are running a bit too low haha!

    @Zoe- Thankyou sweets!:)

    @♥Elizabeth♥- Im basically applying for any sales assitant jobs/waitressing jobs in my area, im not picky ahah!:)

    @Huda Kaake- Sigma is so tempting, and thankyou sweetie!:)

    @Holly- Me too! They are sooooo hard to find though!:(

    @ Rhona- I think you might be thinking of another Mac foundation, face and body is a light skin tint/light foundation :)


  14. The Denim Scalloped Shorts are amazing :) Love 'em!