Barry M Advice pleeaaseee??

Sunday 13 June 2010

I admit it
I am bad blogger
*Slaps hand!*

Sorry I've been so MIA this week, its been a hectic mix of homework, exams, revision, birthdays etc etc, and I'm still a bit of a stressy bessy because I have my actual Spanish speaking exam tomorrow, eekkk!

*BTW, if any of you out there speak Spanish does anyone know how you say 'It was', like describing something from the past, like 'Camping was horrible'? Sorry, I am absolutely useless at Spanish! :/*

Anyway the real reason I'm blogging is to ask the ground breaking question...
Which of these Barry M Dazzle Dusts do you recommend?

My larrrvveelly sister went out and got me the 80p copy of More magazine from WH Smiths yesterday, and in it it had a voucher for a free dazzle dust, yippee!

But now the major problem is, which colour?!?!

Dark Chocolate?

Old Gold?


Oyster Grey?



So my lovelies... which one?
Or are there any others you recommend??
Thank you for your amazing help in advance ;)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I reccomend Tan, thats the one im going to buy as apparently it is a dupe for MAC"s all that glitters!!

  2. I love Tan, which is not on your list =), it's pretty neutral colour, or mushroom is great too xx

  3. I have mushroom and it's really pretty!
    "it was" is "era" in spanish (; xx

  4. I just got the mushroom shade, but looking at that list I like the look of coral...would be lovely for summer! :) xx

  5. everyone seems to go crazy over mushroom! i love that too :) but also i swatched old gold yesterday at superdrug and it looks GORGEOUS! so perfect for that bronzed summmer look xx

  6. i'm thinking about getting mushroom but my main mission is to hunt down glamour before i buy more magazine lol (:,X

  7. I'm going to get Mushroom and Electric Blue (picked up two magazines and my sister is using the other voucher so I can get another Dazzle Dust!)

  8. Good luck with your Spanish exam Hannah! Mushroom is lovely, has a slight greeny, blue glitter to it - stunning x

  9. Good luck with the exam, I have my science module test (2nd unit) on Wednesday. :(

  10. Tan is amazing I love it :)Its good for everyday but can be worn at night too :)

  11. 'It was' is either 'era' or fue'
    Good luck in your exam, I'm sure it will be fine! Is it your actual exam, or is it coursework?
    When I did mine, I thought I did terrible, but she said I'll get a B/A out of it probably, so don't panic if you feel you've done bad. (:

    I'd say mushrooom, coral or beige - definitely! Mushroom is My favourite neutral barry M dazzle dust that I own, and coral and beige are right on the top of my wishlist. (:
    Like someone else said up there ^^, tan is a lovely colour. Probably my all time favourite. It's an amazing dupe for 'all that glitters'.

    Good luckk in the exam!! xx

  12. Isn't "it was" fui or fue?x

  13. Aww good luck with your exam :) You'll be fine :-)

    The dazzle dust that I would reccomend is mushroom, Its the only one I've got but it is gorgeous! such an amazing everyday colour! fast becoming my fave eyeshadow! I've also heard alot of people on about tan hich I really want and hoping to pick up next its supposed to be lovely and I heard dazzledust25 say that it is extra nice you have blue or like green eyes as it really makes them stand out :) x

  14. oooh i love the gold & coral

    Anna Katrina

  15. I take spanish for GCSE too! It depends what you are trying to say because of Ser or Estar but usually if it is a general thing you want to say you would use "fue"
    El viaje fue muy incomodo - The journey was very uncomfortable. I think that if you are talking about the past tense of things such as weather, location, you would use the past tense of Estar like estaba etc! I hope you find this helpful! I like the barry m dazzle dust in mushroom! xxx

  16. Go with the Old Gold!

    PS Thanks for following my blog :) I followed you right back! ♥

  17. The Old Gold is really great! And I'm following your blog now :)

  18. Thankyou girlies for all your amazing advice- in the end i got Mushroom, the last one in the shop hehee :)
    And thankyou soooo much for the spanish help, your life savers ;) The exam went well i think, i got a few bits wrong but hopefully it went ok because it was my actual GCSE :/
    You all amazing, thanks so much for the help! xxx

  19. Glad your exam went well :) well done xx

  20. i have the beige and coral, and they are both lovely!
    lots of love from your follower

  21. I nominated you for a blog award


  22. It's super exciting for find someone my age on here.
    You're blogs are great.
    xoxo, Erin. <3

  23. Glad to hear your spanish exam went well! I'm spanish so if you ever need some help, you know where to find me ;)
    btw I gave you an award!
    Alícia xx

  24. Thankyou girls, your all stars! :) xx