How To: Messy Beach Hair

Sunday 27 June 2010

One of my favourite hair styles to wear during summer is the messy beach hair waves. This look can be achieved so very easily with the help of a few swipes of the good ole' straighteners or curling tongs, but, as I am on a strict no heat usage for my poor, thin and damaged hair, I have to make do with this method, which my hair really does thank me for. (although sometimes I cheat a little- naughty naughty!) Here's how I get messy beach hair with no heat:

Insert oh so attractive picture of me in a hair towel :/- haha.

So, first step is to scrub-a-dub your hair to make it soft, shiny and clean, and towel dry until its is damp.

Then add a blob of this...

VO5 Grooming Creme (mines from the pound shop) or something similar to that will tame your hair and keep its hold.

Another equally attractive picture of me with plaits looking about 5, the things I do for you guys! ;)

Plait your hair into french braids while it is still damp. I always beg my mum to do this for me as I am useless, last time I did it myself I ended up with a afro of frizz around my head. Not a good look :/

So, loose-ish french plaits on either side of your head are great, and then bedtime- zzzzzzz.

Wake up in the morning and taaaa- dahhh:

(Excuse the uniform- this was taken on Friday)

Once you've unraveled your plaits you should have something like above, soft waves running through your hair. The ends of my hair always seems to defy the rest of my hair and go more frizzy and ultra wavy as my hair is thinner at the bottom, so it is at this point iIsometimes cheat by using my straighteners on that part- sneaky, shhh ;)

And here's the final product!

I plaited my fringe and clipped it to the side of my head to make the look more casual.

I hope you liked this and that some of you will try this look for yourself!

Have a great Sunday, and GO ENGLAND! ;)


  1. wow your hair looks amazing! i usually use gosh salt of mine spray for beach waves (:,X

  2. Cute! I love this style, it's quick & great for summer. n_n

  3. hahaha i do exactly the same thing as you! Glad I'm not the only one... as my hair is super thin which is a pain :)
    Very pretty xx

  4. Hannah this looks so pretty! The no heat ban is a good look on you! Lol! I'll definitely dry this out :D

    Come on England!!!! x

  5. Sometimes I leave the plaits for half an hour or so, take the hair bands out then use a bit of hairspray to keep the bottom of each plait together. In the morning brush it out and wooo no frizzy bit! :)

  6. I swear that's my school uniform o_O

  7. love it, will definitely try this!!

  8. Im gonna try it too! Thanks

  9. I feel very sorry for you, that school uniform looks like pyjamas (no offence). Mine is just plain blue, which is just as bad. You should see my school's ties.. they are really not fashionable.

    You have great hair. <3

  10. i love wearing my hair like this. It's very soft and pretty for summer :)

  11. This is soooo cute. Love the fact, it's heat free I must give it a go!

  12. This is really pretty on you! xx

  13. This looks gorgeous! I'm rubbish at plaiting my hair though! :( xx

  14. love it! :) looking gawjus like usual :) xoxo

  15. @holly- Oh sometimes i use the VO5 salt spray on the day after to make the waves more defined :)

    @Renu- Thanks, and yeahh great for summer! :)

    @Indah- Its a great way of quick and easy hair, and i know, my thin hair is so annoying, im considering getting extensions to make it thicker :)

    @Vivianna- Hope you do! And thankyou, my hair thanks me for not using heat lol!

    @looms11- Thats a great tip! Thankyouu!! Il be trying that ;)

    @JC.- Really? Thats so weird hehe :)

    @Beautyaddictioness♥- Hope you do! :)

    @Jennifer- Hope you like it! :)

    @aizel camille- Yayy, your welcome :)

    @Sophie- I know its awful, we are like bananas in pyjamas! We dont have to wear ties though, thank god! And thankyou! :)

    @carpe_maddiem- Yeahh perfect for summer! :D

    @Dollface- Hehe, thankyouu, i know heat free is the best! (Y)

    @Shabna- Thanks hun! :)

    @Olivia- Maybe get your mum to help, im useless too and i get my mum to do it hehe :)

    @Fern- Thankyou hun!! :)


  16. Great post you look gorgeous! you have such gorgeous hair :) Heat ban what a great idea your hair will be thanking you for it!

    My hair is naturally straight so I can get away with not using heat and I rarely need to straighten my hair, but its a different story with curls as it is really hard to curl as its soo long so Ill be deffo trying this out I totally forgot about the good 'ole plaits :)

    Love the annotations under the pictures by the way really funny! :)

  17. I love this look, will definitely have to try it out :) x

  18. so cute! thanks for the tips, i'll definitely try it this way :)

  19. Very nice :) I do exactly the same and actually have it in now haha x

  20. You are so incredibly cute. Love your hairstyle:-)

  21. You have an adorable blog!! Thanks for the tips! :) xoxo

  22. Very nice! This is why I wish I had long hair :L xx

  23. Adorable - I love how you matched it with a braid too!

    Love your blog ;)


  24. woahhhhhh, that is amazing! my hair is naturally straight and would never hold the curl from the plait, so jealous :O

  25. Your hair looks great! My hair is so straight that even with product it won't stay wavy for too long!

  26. that is just so lovely!! i need to try this!! summer is here! :D

    Animated Confessions

  27. Hey Hannah! I tried this the other day and it really worked, so thanks :)

    P.s) There is a tag for you on my blog, hope you can rise to the challenge ;)

  28. @Nicola-x- Thankyou hun! I hope you do try it out, itws so easy! :)

    @Lauren- Hope you do hun!

    @A- Thankss! :)

    @ByJody- Hhaha, its such a great way to get your hair looking nice!

    @MINAKICHU- Thanks sweetie! :)

    @Regan- Thankyouuu! :)

    @3ate4- Hhehe thanks!

    @Grace- Aww, it might still work, if it was quite tightly plaited :)

    @Jess- Aww thanks hun!

    @Chloe- mines pretty straight as well, but i find masses of hairspray normally works for me (Y)

    @Anna- Try putting a holding spray or something in, it might help :)

    @libys11- Hope you do, and thankyou!! :)

    @girlinthecity- Aww thats a shame, could always try and re-create with straightners :)

    @Vivianna- Ohh yay, glad you liked it! And thanks, ill do it soon! ;)


  29. How do you get your hair to come out like this? I've tried this so many times in the past but it always comes out really frizzy and crazy. How tight do you do your plaits? I think I'm doing them too tight! Thanks