Hauulll! :)

Saturday 5 June 2010

I went out shop shop shopping today, and it turns out that trudging around the high street in ridiculous heat and uncomfortable shoes really is not a good idea.
Oh well,
I got a few new bits and bobs out of it... :)

I love Natural Collection in Boots, its just so cheap and pretty!
Today they had a 3 for 2 deal on so I went and picked up these little beauties for £4! :D

I got a blush in Pink Cloud, which really is a beautiful colour, I've had this for years but mine was nearing the end!
I also got an eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut, which is true to my obsession with basic brown eye colours, that's all I ever seem to buy these days! Its great for a simple day eye as it doesn't have any shimmer in it and looks very natural.
Finally I got a lipstick in Apple Blossom which I have heard about on so many blog so I decided to pick it up. Its such a lovely pink nude, which is really warm and soft, a perfect daytime colour!

I then popped into the pound shop in search of some amazing bargains!

I love looking around the makeup section in the pound shop as you never know what you'll find there. Its amazing how many drug store products you can find there for just 100 pennies! :)
I found this eyeshadow palette, with cool neutral tones. Not the best pigmentation in world, but hey, for a quid whats to complain about? :)

I also picked up body butter from the pound shop, which I thought I would love because of its allegedly 'coconut' scent, but turns out its not as coconuty as first though. I would say this is a bit overpowering, but its a nice, rich cream, so hopefully will help my dry skin.

That's all I bought, except for a few presents for this month, why are everyone's birthdays in June??

What did you buy this weekend?? :)


  1. ahh i love natural collection, they're really good and not expensive which is always a plus :)
    i haven't actually been to town in ages so i think a little shopping trip is in order ;)
    have a nice weekend gem xx

  2. Ooo I love the natural collection blushes! I've got Peach Melba and it's a lovely coral colour! Hope you enjoy the rest of the sunny weekend :D

  3. I love wearing brown eyeshadows! I think they look best on my eyes! I'm still too scared to wear blusher!! haha. I don't want it to look awful! Great buys though. What a bargain from the £1 shop! xx

  4. apple blossom is lovely ((:,X

  5. I have never thought about buying natural collection, but I really want to try that blush! :)

  6. They ave 3 for 2 now? I bought 2 items just a few days ago :( Ah well they were still a bargain. How do you feel about the texture of the lipstick? Because the lipgloss I got drys my lips.
    I like to get Rimmel products from Poundland. They have a nice scent too x

  7. Natural Collection is amazing, I love love love it :) Really want the apple blossom lippy :) x

  8. that's a great deal! these colors will really work on your skin tone. :)


  9. when you say pound shop, what do you mean? sorry, haha i'm from the usa & i want to go shopping for cheapies like the ones you found!

  10. @Gem- I know natural collection rocks! Its so cheap and pretty! :)

    @Vivianna- Wow, i want to try it, sounds gorgeous! You too :)

    @Olivia- Hehe i love brown eyeshadows, and you should try blusher, just be very light handed :)

    @holly- It really is :)

    @Sophie- Oh you should try it, its great!! :)

    @me :)- Yeah 3 for 2 at the moment! And yes i think it is a little drying, but i use it with vaseline underneath :)

    @ByJody- Hope you get it! :)

    @Cheryl- Thankyouu :)

    @A- Oh its just the Pound Shop, everythings a pound and you can find amazing deals! I dont think they have it in the US, im sorry! :(


  11. Love the haul! I really like the natural collection I want to try the lippie (: x

  12. I really love that natural collection blush. It is surprisingly pigmented and long lasting. :) xx

  13. @" A beauty blogger named Justine "- You should try it, its great! :)

    @Grace- I know it is suprisingly good! :) Xx

  14. That blush looks lovely! I got that apple blossom lipstick to and I must say sadly im not a fan! makes me look dead lol! xxx

  15. @Nicola-x- Aww thats a shame, i love it! :) xx