How To: Simple Messy Up-Do

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Heyyy Bloggettes!

Here's what I do when my hair goes crazy and will answer to no-one...

You will need:

Scaryyyy Hair

(Scared face for 'scary mary' hair!)


You'll need about 20 Kirby grips, depending on your hair. I have very thin hair, so mine only needs about 3 strategically placed ones to stay up, but about 12 to feel secure. For thicker hair you could need up to 30.

Basically the best method I've found of pinning up my hair is to simply plonk it onto the back of my head.
I literally just grab, scrunch, twist so its all pressed to the back of my head, and add Kirby grips everywhere until it feels secure!

Et Voilaa....
Goodbye 'scary mary' hair...

... hellooooo messy messy up-do!

I feel all sophisticated and posh when I wear this! Its such a pretty style, and so simple to do, never takes longer than 5 minutes!
You can add accessorises to your hair to make it more interesting...

Flower from Primark, £1.50!
Bargain Hair, or whattt??

I hope you liked this, and maybe some of you will even try it out??

Now I have a question, do you like me doing how to's and tutorials?? Just hit the comment box :)

Thankyou my lovelies! :)


  1. Your so pretty, your hair looks lovely :) x

  2. I'm so trying this out today! Looks lovely! :)
    I like the tutorials!! Keep them coming! hehe


  3. this is gorgeouuuuuus :) I love the colour of your hair as well xxx

  4. a big YAY for the messy hairstyle !!!!!!!!

    so actually you don't twist all your hair ? cause there are a lot of "loose" pieces of hair, you only twist half of the length ?

    (that's super ultra beautiful ! )

  5. Ha, love it, and especially th Primark additive ;)

  6. This is a really good tutorial :) would love to see more :) x

  7. awwwww this looks so pretty :) x

  8. Wow, that's really pretty! Definitely will be trying this out some time. Thankyou! xx

  9. I love this, definitely going to try it! I tend to have lots of 'scary' hair days lol xx

  10. i really really liked the one with flowers:) so girlish

  11. Aw I love it, I'm defo going to try this out, thanks sweetie!

  12. Oh I nominated you for an award over my blog,check it out when u get the chance!

  13. You look looovely! Suits you both ways!! :) c

  14. I like your how-to's. Ive been trying to accomplish messy up-dos lately, but havent quite gotten it right. This helped.. I realize I probably need more pins! Looks great!

  15. love it! i'll definitely have to give this a try

  16. I have a present for you! :)

  17. i'll have to try this, it looks soo pretty. xxx

  18. Oh I wish I could try this out! My hair is so freaking thick that whenever I try to do this the pins just fall right out, no matter how many I put in! You hair looks so pretty!

  19. Aww you should deffo do more of these posts :)

    I lovee this hairstyle hannah! My hairs so long and thick though I'd neeed about 500 hairgrips haha deffo going to try this out looks gorgeous love the flower too bargain! :) xx

  20. @Miss Justine Jones- Hehe, hope you do :)

    @Phoebe- Thankyoouu :)

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Oh i hope you like it! Thanks :)

    @Fern- Awww thanks :)

    @holly- Thankyouuu :)

    @Lily from Paris- Thanksyou, and no i dont twist it all, i literally just push it against the head, and sometimes twist parts of it, sorry im bad at explaining :/ hehe

    @Sophie- Thanks, glad you liked :)

    @Nat Elizabeth- Haha, i really am addicted to primark! :)

    @ByJody- Thankyouu, hopefully ill do more! :)

    @Jade- Thankyouu!

    @Grace- Hope you doo! :):) And thanks for the award!! :)

    @Hannah- Ahaha, me too, and hope you doo! :)

    @Sarah♥- Thanks i love the flower, its so pretty :)

    @Dollface- Hope you do and thankyou so much!! :)

    @laurenrhiannon- Awww thanks! :)

    @Jennifer- Oh i hope this helps then :):)

    @A- Hope you do! :))

    @eve.- Thankyouu! :)

    @Hope- Awww thats a shame, you could try doing it in pieces, thankyou!! :)

    @Nicola-x- Hehe thankyouu! Ahaha, i hope you try it! :)


  21. lol, love your scary face :p
    This really suits you by the way, I tend to do this look when I'm running late and i literally have 5 minutes to do my hair - it looks like it's meant to be messy and like i've actually spent time doing it!

  22. stunning! thanks so much for sharing :) its perfect for spring x

  23. @..R May A..- Hehehe, i know, its a life saver! :)

    @Makeup&More- Thankyouu :)

    @paperheart- Thankyou, and your welcome :):)


  24. That hairstyle is beautiful. But to be honest, even your "messy" hair is better than mine is on a good day:)

  25. @Anon- Hehe thankyou sweetie! Dont worry my hair is normally a complete catastrophy, so your not alone there :) xx