Favourite Lip Combo!

Wednesday 30 June 2010

My absolute favourite lip stick, Gosh Darling, layered over lovely ELF 'Nicely Nude' lipstick, and for the final touch, the oh so fabulous Benefit Life on the A List Lip gloss- What's not to love? ;)

Whats your HG lip combo?


  1. this is a superrrr gorgeous combo! :) xx

  2. i won it on capital radio! :D
    i love this, looks great!
    Olivia x

  3. I usually just do a little DuWop Lipvemon. Your lipcolor is so pretty and ethereal though.

  4. wow weee, this comboo is gawguss, they complement each other perfetclyy:D x
    i just started blogging last night, it would be lovely if you could check it out:D
    jess, xoxo

  5. Beautiful combination - Life on the A list is such a great gloss, me and my friends get through tubes and tubes of that stuff! :)

  6. I love MAC Angel and MAC Myth. I just dab on Myth on top of angel just to give me that tones down pinky-nude look.

  7. This looks gorgeous!

    My fave lip combo is so similar! I use gosh darling then a maybeline one which is a baby pink nude and then benefits life on the A list:) xx

  8. @Fern- Hehe, thanks!

    @Laura- AWW thanks hun!

    @Olivia RPS- Lucky thing, and thankyouu!

    @girlinthecity- Thanks hun! I love girly lipcolours! :)

    @Indie.Tea- Oh sounds great, ive never heard of that! And thanks :)

    @daisychainsNkisses- Thanks babe, and ill check it out, good luck with your new blog (Y) :)

    @Vivianna- I know its such a gorgey colour (Y) :D:D

    @Nat Elizabeth- Thanks hun! :)

    @Kim- I wish i could afford them! They look STUNNING! They may have to go on my christmas list hehe :)

    @ByJody- Thankooo babe!

    @Nicola- Hehehe, we always seem to have similar taste! Yours sounds great! :)


  9. This is gorgeous :) such a lovely pink! x

  10. @nitwit- Thanks hun!

    @Hannah- Thankyouuuu, and i know i love the colour :)