How To: Update you Jeans for Summer! :)

Thursday 10 June 2010

OK, so right at this moment its poring it down, but don't be fooled, it is officially SUMMER! :D

So, this got me thinking that it was time to ditch the jeans, and whack out the good 'ole shorts! BUT, hold your horses there bloggettes! A simple pimple way to get amazing new summery shorts or crops is to cut up an old pair of winter jeans that are too short, too long or just generally not Mr Right in the jean world. So this is my attempt at updating my summer wardrobe with two pairs of neglected jeans...

2 pairs of poor unwanted jeans and a little snip snip snip...

And taaahh dahhh!!

Whoop, new summer jeans, for zero pennies and in only 5 mins!

Try it out my lovelies!

Have a great week!


  1. the shorts look great! Lovely post :) x

  2. I never thought of doing this.. will have to give it a try as they look really good :) x

  3. Haha grea idea I will do this with a pair of flaers which should never have seen 21st centuary daylight ... ;)

  4. Wow these look great Hannah! Great idea x

  5. I love this idea! Ive tried to do that before but I cut them wrong and made a right mess!!! :') think I might try again because I need some new shorts! The shorts look amazing I love them!!!


  6. I'm going to do this with a wear of jeans I was going to through out :)
    Great post x

  7. This is such a good idea, thanks girl!

  8. Those both look amazing! Especially the shorts :) xxx


  9. I lovw doing this, such a simple and effective trick :)
    Love the shorts!

  10. Oh wow, these look so good! And a lot cheaper than buying a new pair! Great post! xx

  11. wait, wait, wait! how did you turn the second pair into such cute shorts? i mean, they look store bought. you did more than just cut them right?


  12. they look awesome!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  13. ahh, they look great! i tried cutting my old A&F jeans into shorts & they ended up lopsided, one side being way to short haha - i still wear them though :)
    really lovely post! ♥ x

  14. @Madeline- Thanks hun! :)

    @ByJody- Oh i hope you do- good luck! :)

    @" A beauty blogger named Justine "- Heheh :) Definately try it, its a great way to get a new wardrobe! :)

    @Vivianna- Thankyouuu :)

    @Nicola-x- Aw thanks, and i hope you do, it they go wrong then you could always hem them to straighten them up!

    @..R May A..- Oh good :) Thankyouu!

    @Hope- Thankyouu!!

    @Grace- Thanks hun! :)

    @Anca- I know, its so easy to do as well! (Y)

    @Olivia- Yep, great way to save money! Thankyouu :)

    @Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse- Awww thanks! :):):) Im actually amazed myself at how well they turned out, i thought they would be all raggedy hehe :)

    @Dylana Suarez- Thankoyouu:)

    @Laura xo- Hehe, oh well im sure they still look great, and thankyouu :)


  15. So beautiful!

    Really lovely blog!

    Cheers, Jesa