Back-To-School Make-up Tips...

Sunday 29 August 2010

Oh yes, its that time again. The time where shops turn into classrooms, parks turn into text books and minutes turn into long, dragged out hours.

Oh yes, summers over, school here I come!

Many of you may have returned to school already, but I start back at the dreaded building next Monday, like many of the other schools in England. Summer always seems to go way too fast, and although at the beginning of my 6 week holiday I made a vow this was going to be the best Summer ever, I very much doubt I've fulfilled this promise. However, its time to turn off my lazy, summery self and switch into geeky school Hannah! ;)

My school is pretty strict on the old uniform front, even going so far as to ban makeup, shock horror!

Of course, me being the makeup addict that I am, there are always ways around this little problem. I know, I'm a rebel, tee hee! The teachers are extremely strict on uniform, although with makeup not so much, Ive only ever been caught out twice in my 4 years at the school. Here's what I wear, makeup wise, most days to school...

Excuse the pyjama top, it was a lazy day :)

I'm wearing...
ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
ELF Warm Bronzer
Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud
Benefit Eye Bright in inner corner, waterline and on brow bone
Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara
Miss Sporty Eyeliner Pencil in Brown on the very outer corner and smudged under eye
Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom

The key to having undetectable makeup at school is using everything in moderation. My top tips are...

♥ Use tinted moisturiser instead of foundation for a lighter coverage and a less noticeable base. Blend well and in particular get a perfect colour match to your skin, so it looks virtually undetectable. And if all else fails, claim its a moisturiser, not makeup!

 ♥ Dust a sparing amount of a matte bronzer and/or blush to warm up your skin tone and make you look more awake in the mornings.

♥ Step away from the sparkles! Nothing is more noticeable than when you look like Edward Cullen walking down the corridors!

♥ If you have blonde hair, possibly try a brown mascara. Blonde eyelashes are always noticeable when coated in black mascara, but brown is a more subtle and natural way to achieve gorgeous eyes!

♥ Curl your eyelashes to open your eyes and look more awake.

♥ Use a light reflecting concealer to make you look more awake after those early mornings.

♥ Use a pale pink/pale yellow/ white liner in your water line and inner corners to brighten up your eyes and smudge a small amount of brown liner on the very outer corner of your eyes to make them darker and smokier. To look like you have thicker lashes, line your top waterline with black liner, but not the bottom, as that's pretty bam in your face makeup.

A quick rant...
How does makeup affect my learning!?!?! Arghh! Who are my teachers to say that I can't wear makeup when most of the girls at my school feel ugly and insecure without it. Makeup is a form of self expression and art and should not be stopped, it should be celebrated. My school seems to care more about my appearance than my education... Bad times...
Rant over :)

Whats your schools policy on makeup, and do you have any other tips for undetectable makeup? :)

This is a scheduled post, as I'm on holiday at the moment, so apologies if I don't get back to you straight away...


  1. My school is the same about the makeup, but luckily as I'm going to be in 6th Form they're more lenient! :] x

  2. My school isn't too bad on make-up. Thank God! You should see some of the faces of people at my school. There are orange faces and white necks, huge amounts of bright pink blusher and layers and layers of mascara. I have even seen some girls doing smokey eyes and glitter eyeliner! Do they forget that they are going to school and not on a night out?! I really do wonder how they get away with it sometimes, but then if the teachers do tell them to take it off then don't listen and just re-do it when the teacher goes away! xxx

  3. Great tips sweetie! (Although i don't need to use them haha), my school doesn't have any dress codes makeup-wise. Some people even look like drag queens at my school & get away with it! I totally see your point, that makeup doesn't really interfere with learning..maybe they're trying to prevent any peer pressure or something? Not like baning makeup's going to do much for that cause...haha :P
    Great post! You look gorgey :) xo

  4. I was so lucky at my school you could wear make-up and for my first 4 years there was no dress code or uniform.
    You've perfected the "no makeup" look :-)

  5. My school is the exact same! It's soo annoying, we have a strict uniform, and we're not allowed to wear make-up, but like EVERYONE does (girls, not boys) so these tips are really good for me, because they kind of overlook that we're wearing make-up, as loong as its subtle!xxx

  6. Wow, you are great at hiding your makeup LOL. I like the natural look though! And I understand, I don't get why you can't wear makeup at school. So stupid!

  7. My school did have like a make up/jewellery ban but they never really enforced it, the only thing girls ever got pulled up on was dangly earrings. Even so, I stuck to a pretty similar barely there make up routine, simply for the fact that some people seemed to apply their make up with a trowel. I don't understand the schools that have nail polish bans, same with make up really but i don't understand how the colour of my fingers is any of their business haha

  8. My school apparently bans makeup too, yet I once ashamably decided to go all about and break the rules ;) That mean bright green eyeshadow and blue eyeshadow! It did look quite good, and not childish, but was very very bright. I didn't even get a quick 'not to do it again' and even one teacher said it suited me. Yet they won't let you wear navy shoes or paint your nails? I think my school needs a new head teacher, ours seems to have lost her marbles :P xoxo

  9. very nice tips Hannah...but to be honest..i never used any makeup in my school...but you have given very useful tips the my have got natural beauty so no need of any makeup.

  10. Ha, we're not allowed makeup, but I think the teachers have given up on it. Still, I'm a bit of a goody-goody, so I always just wear foundation and a concealer. (Unlike some other girls who look ridiculous with their orange faces, white necks and massssive lashes).

  11. That's a great school look - really natural :)
    My school allowed "minimal" make-up in sixth form but that wasn't really enforced too much - some of the girls were caked in make-up! Before sixth form, we weren't allowed make-up so I went for a similar look to yours. Who has the time to be applying loads of make-up before school anyway?! x

  12. My school does have 'no make up' policy but they dont enforce it luckily :P
    Love your school look & the tips!

  13. You look fab, Hannah! Love that your bending the makeup rules! I was always very naughty and wore makeup from about year 7 (of course it was Miss Sporty back then)!

  14. fab tips<3! my school isn't that scrict but i sometimes have to be told to take off my lipstick :/. i'm dreading going back to school too!,xx

  15. You look lovely! :)
    My middle school was super strict on it, upper school and 6th form were fine with girls wearing makeup.
    I totally don't get that some schools ban it.
    Glad I'm at Uni now though where we can do whatever. :D

  16. Oh & i tagged you sweetie :)

  17. Ugh, I go to school in England too.. and we have an ugly uniform and strict makeup code :( IT'S SO ANNOYING because some girls get away with wearing LOADS of makeup, and some only wear a small bit and get caught. Also, we are not allowed earrings except plain gold studs.

  18. I hated the whole policy on makeup and hair etc when I was at school! Wearing foundation doesn't effect your ability to learn! I used to tell them that I wasn't leaving the house without make up on so if they wanted me there they were justing going to have to let me wear it!

  19. Ahh A reason I don't miss school!! Amaaaazing post han you look beautiful like your wearing no makeup!! Its funny now at college, and doing hairdressing I have to wear next to perfect makeup and nailvarnish, and do my hair nice everyday, so we look "presentable" sometimes it feels more like a chore haha xx

    Hope ur having an amaaaazing holdiay :)! xx

  20. Wow that must seriously SUCK. At least my school isn't strict about makeup, but definitely on dress code.

  21. @Jenny- I cant wait to get to sixth form and where makeup properly hehe! :)

    @Megan- Oh dear, sounds awful! But your lucky you can actually wear it hehe! :)

    @Reyna♥- Thanks :)

    @Molly- Thanks hun!

    @Laura xo- Haha, lucky thing! I know, it doesnt affect our learning, and i cant see it doing much for peer pressure haha :)

    @PinkBeforeYouLeap24- Haha thankyou, and you lucky thing, wish my school was like that!

    @Imogen- Same here, most teachers overlook it but some are just horrible and make you take off even just a little bit of mascara! So mean!

    @Gaby- Yeahh its ridiculos, wish it were different!

    @hannah xo- Haha, nail polish bans are so annoying! I only get to wear nail polish in the holidays really :(

    @Sophie- Haha, sounds great!! I wish i could get away with that!

    @Curves ahead makeup- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Rakhshanda- Thankyou, your so sweet! :)

    @Audrey- I know, some people are ridiculos with there makeup! They need to learn how to stop haha!

    @LilyLipstick- Yea i know what you mean, i have no time in the mornings! Cant wait till i can wear makeup in 6th form!

    @Katiie ♥- Haha, lucky thing, wish my school didnt enforce it!

    @Vivianna- Haha, me too, we started early hehe! I was always nicking my mums makeup haha! :)

    @Holly- I know i hate it, your lucky with your school!

    @Glamorous Glory- Thankyouu!

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Hehe, cant wait till i can wear whatever!

    @Laura xo- Thanks!

    @Anonymous- Same here! We arnt allowed anything except studs!

    @LadyBugSays- Haha, wow you were brave! I know what you mean, its not fair to not let us wear makeup!

    @Nicola-x- Haha, id love that! I wish i had to look 'presentable', well we do but apparently we have to look 'businesslikie!' haha!

    @Kathryn- Yep its horrible!


  22. I totally understand the feeling about the rant! It's the same at our school we can't wear anything! Your make up is so pretty I will have to try something like this soon! xx

  23. OMGGEEEE that is like my school literally and it's so scary when you get found out and kinda embarrassing cus i know other peeps who do where it soo yeahh :P but thanks for the tipss :):) xxx