A wee Step Up 3D outfit...

Thursday 12 August 2010

Step Up 3D, one of the most eagerly awaited dance films ever was out this week and lucky old me skipped down to my local pictures, donned my ultra cool 3D 'geek' glasses and had a porkers at the movie. What can I say about it?

One word.


The dancing was unbelievable, and even more spectacular in 3D, as they really took advantage of the technology and made the dancing stand-out.

Of course the drop-dead-gorgeous main character 'Luke' helped to keep my attention in between the dancing *sighh* and Moose, who was also featured in Step Up 2, was hilarious, once again.

Overall, one of the best dance movies I've ever seen, and in my opinion the best Step Up yet!

Here's a little piccie of the outfit I wore to the cinema...

Jeans- Handmidown from my big sis
Tank Top- New Look
Crop Top- New Look (Kid's department, hey I'm still 5 years old at heart :)
Cardigan- Primark
Bracelet- Primark
Necklace- Primark

Wow, looking at that list I realise what a cheap-skate I am, hehe :)

A quick close up of the super cute flamingo print on my top and Owlie, my beloved pet owl necklace, which seems to practically live around my neck these days...

I really am much more obsessed with owls than the average person, oh dear..

My makeup (hopefully no owls in sight here)..

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser
Benefit It Stick
ELF Warm Bronzer
2True Cheek and Lip Tint (Pink)

Sleek Palette, you can find the look I used here (Look 2- Neutral Browns)
Vital Radiance Eye Primer
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Natural Collection Apple Blossom
17 Balmy Beige Lipstick over the top

See ya later alligators...


  1. loves the outfit! :)
    I really wanna see step up 3d! Need to get round to it :)

  2. What a cute print on your top, looks lovely :)

    I'm loving Owlie as well, I popped into Primark today but was unable to find any gems like that - did you buy it recently?



  3. I love the flamingo top! so nice!!!

  4. I bought the owl necklace two days ago, it's adorable :)

    Your makeup is really cute and I love how dainty the 2True Cheek/Lip tint makes your cheeks! xx

  5. lovvvvvvin the outfit :) especially the top ;D xxx

  6. You are gorgeous & I love your blooog!
    Check out miine!? comment && email


  7. you sooooooo cute Hannah...i love your outfit..your jeans your top and of course your make-up..you are looking beautiful and simple as well.

  8. Really want to see this! Love your outfit!

  9. I absolutely love that owl- like I really love it! It's so adorable!
    I have a silver necklace with a deer on from Newlook, but the owl is definitely cute-er. ;)

    <3 x

  10. Love the owl necklace, I too adore anything owl related... xXx

  11. The owl necklace is so cute :)
    Your make-up looks fab - really natural and pretty. x

  12. I love the owl necklace - and I have nc apple blossom too it's great!

  13. hey gurl!! awsome blog!!!! im a new follower http://glamorousglory.blogspot.com/ check out my blog return the love muahzzz!! xoxo

  14. Love the colour of the cheek and lip tint on you :)

  15. You look lovely I loove that crop top!! I wonder If I could get one to fit mee ;) Maybe not lol! Glad the film was good :) x

  16. @Imogen- Thankyou, hope you get round to it, its great!! :)

    @Tabitha Bluebell- Hehe- Owlie rules! LOL, i got it about 2 months ago, i think it may be out of stock now :(

    @SOPHIEsticated- Thanks hun, i love it too! :)

    @Ellie- yay, i love the owl necklace! And thanks, i really love the cheek stain, its great, such a great dupe for benefits! :)

    @nicoletta- Thanks babe!

    @Reyna♥- Hehe thankyou!

    @Fern- Aww thanks, i was suprised to like it from the childrens section! :)

    @The Duty of Beauty- Aww thanks and sure!!

    @Rakhshanda- Thank you sweetie! Your so nice!!

    @LadyBugSays- Ohh you should see it, its great!

    @Sophie- Hehe, i love it too, definately my fav necklace at the moment!

    @Reverie- Hehe, owls are just too cool!!

    @LilyLipstick- Aww thanks hun, oh i do love my owl necklace :)

    @Audrey- Yeah, so cheap but so pretty, love it!!

    @Glamorous Glory- Thanks sweetie, i will!

    @3ate4- Aww thankyou, i love the product its such a good dupe for benefits cheek stains!

    @Dandelion- Thanks hun, me too!!

    @Nicola-x- Hehe, thanks! Im sure you could hun! :)