Sleek Palette Review...

Tuesday 3 August 2010

The cheap as chips, but amazingly reviewed Sleek Palettes have been on the blogger circuit for a while now, and a few months ago while noseying around Superdrug, I couldn't resist the temptation to pick one of these up.

I choose the Storm palette, which is the one with the most neutrally type colours I could see myself wearing and as I eagerly opened it up at home, ready to play with my new toy, I was over the moon with the pretty, very well pigmented colours. The palette includes 3 matte colours and 9 shimmery colours, which are a dream to blend and have extremely good colour payoff for the measly £5.99 I paid for them, considering that that is only 50p per colour!

The packaging is beautiful and dare I say it - 'sleek' - with its back plastic and embossed shiny title and contains a huge mirror which is perfect for using on the go...

  The colours contained in this palette are very wearable neutrals and it also includes some more nighttime colours like greens and blues which are shimmery and look amazing on the eye.

Feast your eyes on a few wee swatches...

There are endless looks that can be created with this palette but here are a few of the ones I have tried out lately...

(All of these looks used Vital Radiance Eyeshadow Primer, Eye shadows from the Sleek Storm Palette and Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara)

Look 1- Browns & Greens

(1) all over lid
(9) over lid
(7) in crease and outer third of lid and pull under lid
(4) inner third of lid and inner corner
(2) inner corner and under brow
(12) used wet as a liner

Look 2 - Neutral Browns

(1) all over lid
(7) outer third and crease and brought underneath eye
(2) inner corner and under brow
(12) used wet as liner

Look 3 - Dramatic Metallic Blues

(8) all over lid
(10) in crease and outer third and then brough underneath eye. It was then layer over in the outer third mixed with water to create the 'foiled' effect and give more impact
(3) inner corner and then layered under (2) in inner corner
(12) used wet as liner and in waterline and put in the outter corner of eye

Hope you liked my little 'sleek' looks :)

Any of you tried this palette, what do you think?? :)


  1. I have the sleek storm palette too! I love it:) The looks you did are gorgeous too!x I love just using the shimmery light pink colour all over my lid for an easy look :)xxxxxxxxx

  2. The browns and greens looks great!

  3. Your looks are gorgeous! Really wanna get this palette! Got acouple of the other ones and I love them xx

  4. I love this palette :)
    Gorgeous looks, definitely going to have to try the brown and green one, never would of thought of putting those two colours together but it looks lovely!!
    - Beth x

  5. I love the original palette and think I should get this one too. Wow the third look is beautiful!

  6. Wow the palette looks amazing, love the looks you did with it too :) xx

  7. love the first look :)
    sleek palettes are amazing! x

  8. I love this pallette and they look beautiful on you I love the third one :) Thanks for sharing Im going to try them because I havent really used the darker shades yet but you make them look so beautiful! xx

  9. The last look that you did looks absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Wow there amazing. I want this pallette more and more!!

  11. Your makeup is immaculate, I'm pretty sure I could never get an effect that neat but I think I might have to invest and give it a try! Great review xXx

  12. This is a great post :) I love my Sleek Storm palette but I'm not much of an eyeshadow person and never think I apply it that well-but now I can use your methods of application aha xx

  13. These look great! I really want to buy one of these palette. I can't decide between storm or original though! :) xx

  14. Great post, definitely going to have to try some of these out - I have the Storm palette too and adore it :) xx

  15. I need this palette! haha your eyes look gorgeous in all of the looks :) x

  16. All three loves are amazingly beautiful! But I admit that I love the dramatic blue love the best!

  17. I love the looks you created with this palette especially the first one! My lust after this palette has increased threefold now!!

    Oh and I love the way you worked out it being 50p per eyeshadow, that is so something I would do!!

  18. The metallic blues look is gorgeous!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  19. This palette looks great, definitely going to have to get myself one!

  20. @Imogen- I do that sometimes as well, for a really easy pretty look :)

    @Veronica- Thankyou! :)

    @Mybutterfly63- Oh which one do you like best? Hope you get this one :)

    @Beth- I wouldn't have either, but i was just experimenting and it looked nice :)

    @Louise- Whats the original like, im thinking of getting it?

    @Charlotte;- Thanks hun, it really is a great palette! :)

    @irene :)- I agree, thankyou! :)

    @Nicola- Oh i hope you try them! I love how the palette has some neutrals and some darker colours! Thankyou! :)

    @Chic Geek (Devs)- Thankyou!:)

    @Lisa.- You should get it, its so cheap! ;)

    @Audrey- Thankyou!:)

    @Reverie- Aw thanks, i think its all down to what brushes you use, they really help make the makeup look neater :)

    @Robyn- Hehe, i hope you try it out! :)

    @Olivia- I think all of their palettes are great, i want to try the original one too :)

    @Hannah- Thanks, hope you do! :)

    @ByJody- Thankyou! Its a really great palette! :)

    @Sunny & Star- That ones my favourite too, i love dramatic makeup looks :)

    @Dollface- Hehe, its amazing value! You should get it, its so cheap hehe :)

    @Marie- Thankyou hun!

    @caitlinrose- Hope you dooo! :)


  21. extremely useful and helpful!

    with lots of love
    suyin xxxxx

  22. I want this palette so much! Love the looks especially the last one :) definitely going to have to pick one up at the shops :) xx

  23. @Suyinsays- Aw, glad to be of help :)

    @beatricelilly- Ohh hope you get it hun! Thankyou!:)


  24. I love that palette. I wish my superdrug did this. I would love to try the purple colours with my green eyes! MUST INTERNET SHOP! Damn your blog for making me want stuff :-P xxxx

  25. @Lauren- Hehe, sorry for making you want stuff, my bad! :P Ohh purple would look great on you then! Hope you do get it! :) xx

  26. Oh, nice! love it black!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  27. @APieceOfCrap- Aww thanks :) Ill check it out :) xx

  28. Eeeee! I love Sleek! I have the original palette but you've definitely convinced me that I NEED the storm palette too :)

  29. @Gem- Aww, hehe! Hope you like it! :) xx

  30. I just bought the sunset sleek palette and think I might have to buy this one too! The looks you made look really nice (: