You Give Me Hope.

Sunday 15 August 2010

Today, whilst perusing random websites for a cure for my boredom, I came across this...

What an amazing website. Reading through the stories I was stunned as they are unbelievably touching and I got goosebumps at the amount of sweet and lovely things that happen every day. Today, in a world where no-one seems to care, this website proves that kindness, chivalry and just plain miracles do happen, you just have to find them.

I've now come to realise that I am grateful to every single thing in my life, to my friends, my family, hey, even to the old man over the road who waves at me every morning and to my teachers who actually care about how my life is going to turn out.

And, of course, to all of you, my beautiful followers, for being so amazingly perfect in every way, supporting, advising and generally giving a helping hand. You are the reason I love blogger, you and you alone.

Thank you.

If you have time check out the website, you might be amazed.

And remember, there is always hope.


  1. ahh LOVE your blog hunnie! ~This website is beautiful! XX

  2. awh how sweet :') I loveeee your blog and always will, thankYOU for being such a great blogger! xxx

  3. What a sweet website :)

  4. aww, and we thankyou for being a great blogger ;)

    sophie xx

  5. Hannah you rock. Don't ever stop blogging. YOU give US help for our beauty fixes lol. I cant wait to check out the website will do tomoz when I have more time - I love websites like these. Check out lamebook - it's so funny! z

  6. that z is meant to be an x lol sorry its dark

  7. this is such a lovely post:)xx

  8. lovely post hannah! i'll check out the site. you're so sweet.

  9. Checked out the website. Amazing and truly inspiring - the sister website, is good too.

  10. Ive nominated you for a an award xxx

  11. I've also nominated you for an award, the exact same one Lisa created :) xx

  12. I love this website and always go on it when im feeling down, Its amazing I agree, Loved this post sweetie and I agree with everything we don't acctually know how lucky we are and how people take things for granted and awww bless that old man how sweet! xx

  13. Aww, this is such a lovely post! :) xx

  14. Super cute site :)

    -California Girl

  15. Love that website, it always make you smile and think that there is still some good in the world!

  16. @Indigo- Thankyou sweetie! Im so glad i found the website, its amazing!!

    @Fern- Aww, your such a great follower as well, and i love love love your blog!! :)

    @Ellie- Yes it really is!! :)

    @Sophie- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Audrey- Aww thank you hun, your so sweet! Ill check it out :)

    @irene :)- Thankyou :)

    @Curves ahead makeup- Hehe your welcome hun!!

    @Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse- Aww thanks babe! I just love the site!

    @Lisa & Sophie- Thankyou sweeties!!

    @Nicola- Hehe, yeahh Jim (the old man) is so sweet, always waving and sending us cards! Love the website, really give me hope :)

    @Ellie- Thankyou :')

    @California Girl- Agreed!

    @LadyBugSays- Iknow, i always go on it and it cheers me up a bit!!