Friday 20 August 2010

Finally, after months of lusting, complaining, nail biting and depressed roams around the ELF website, finally, the ELF Powder Brush is back in stock! Finally!

Of course, after hearing the news that the brush that is coveted by so many and never, ever seems to be in stock, was, shock horror, actually available, I hot footed it over to the website and speed shopped, not letting anything get in the way of me and my new favourite brush! Of course along the way of filling up my basket I seemed to pick up endless things that I want need, and ended up with a shocking £42.50 worth of bits and bobs in my basket! Whoops.

But hey ho, all of my goodies are on their way to me in the post at this very moment, so be expecting a rather humongous ELF haul in the coming days!

Have you ordered anything from ELF, if so, whattcha think?? :)


  1. Haha £42 eh, lots of goodies!
    I have their studio complexion, blush and eye-shadow brushes and I loveee them!
    It's annoying that when something is out of stock, it's out of stock for yonks!

  2. oooo, i want this brush! a review when you get it please :)! cant wait for the haul ;) xxx

  3. Hannah, you naughty! £42? That's very hard to spend when ELF is such good value! I have the Colour stick and cream duo eyeshadow but am planning to check out their studio brushes, particularly the eyeshadow ones and also the Mineral glosses <3

  4. I have a few bits and pieces, for the price you can't complian really!

  5. Im looking forward to this haul! 42 pounds jesus hannah, where'd you get that from. i wish i could spend that much, i think im in need of a haul soon though!!

  6. They had an offer on P&P the other day but everything I liked was out stock pretty much, typical!


  7. Never tried anything from ELF but am SO tempted to!

  8. £42 woohoo!i've never ordered from ELF but i always browse and pop things in the basket!whoops!i'm saving my elf haul for crimbo hehe;),that brush will be first on my list!xx

  9. I kinda love ELF studio brushes, best for price and amazing quality

  10. I adore this brush to apply mineral foundation, but sadly mine is coming loose around the ferule - what do you expect for £3.50?! Have you tried their £1.50 eye blending brush? It is AMAZING! I always end up spending way more than I should on the elf website!
    I just discovered your blog - it's great and am following :)
    Kat x

  11. I noticed this last night and obviously snapped one up!! Only ended up spending £20 though, I've never tried elf so I'm just trying out a few products I've had my eye on!!
    Can't wait to see what you ordered haha !
    - Beth x

  12. i'm looking foward to an elf haul in the near future (:!

  13. I was sooo excited to see the brush back in stock as well, I also picked up a few other bits. :) x

  14. WOW that's allot of ELF I'm not a big fan let me know what you think of there products
    great post

  15. I love e.l.f's shadow books, such great prices as well for good quality products!

  16. I've never tried Elf, but their is such a love for it I may have to find a shop that actually stocks it. I hate buying online when I haven't seen the products in person- pictures can be kinda deceiving. xx

  17. Congratulations, haha :)
    I really want to try ELF!

  18. @sophie - you can only by elf online as far as Im aware

  19. Wow, that's an awful lot of ELF stuff for £42!

    I'd love to hear what you think of the powder brush.

    Sofia x

  20. I spent 100$ on my first E.L.F order. So you can imagine how much stuff I got! I love their brushes the most.
    I actually got two of these brushes, one for liquid foundation and one for powder. It's amazing, I love it!

  21. I love ELF, I hate to think how much I have spent with them over the years!!

  22. @Louise- I know, i spent wayyy too much, whoops! I know i hate out of stock things, i kept checking back everyday hehe!

    @Chloe- Hehe, sure thing :)

    @Audrey- I know, i went a bit crazy! Oh whats the colour stick like? :)

    @Glamorous Glory- oh yeahh i love it! :)

    @diamantegirl- Haha, no complaints here :)

    @Lisa.- Haha, i really shouldnt have spent that much, naughty me! I went a bit crazy! :)

    @Lazy...Dazey- I know! So typical!

    @Chic Geek (Devs)- Hehe, sorry for tempting you! :)

    @irene :)- Hehe, ohhh hope you get some good stuff at chrimbo! :)

    @Sarah@Glossicious- I knoww,, they are sooo good quality for £3.50!!:)

    @Kat O- Oh thats a shame! And yesi have it, and i LOVE it! Such a perfect blending brush!! :)

    @Beth- oh i really hope you like the products! :)

    @Holly- Hehe, its up now :)

    @SabraRose- Haha, im so glad its back in stock!

    @Curves ahead makeup- Thats a shame, did you not have a good experience with them? :)

    @Lauren Baker- Ive always wanted to try but maybe in the future! :)

    @Sophie- Its a shame they dont stock in store in England! :(

    @Zhanna- Hehe, you should try it! :)

    @Sofia's Journal- Ohh i love it, my new fav brush!! :)

    @Nora-Schu- WOWZA! Thats a lotta lotta money hehe! The brushes really are fantastic though! :)

    @LadyBugSays ...- Haha me too, at least £100 i think, whoops! :)