A very summery OOTD...

Sunday 1 August 2010

Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns...

Set the scene- grey cloudy England, on the edge of rain, windy wind wind.

When picking an outfit for this weather, my amazingly brainy self thought that it would be a jolly good idea to throw on the most summery outfit I own.

Clever, Hannah, ehh?

Of course, just my luck, I was left in the freezing rain, in my summer sandals.

 This is just one of the many, many fun times I have in the unpredictable British weather :/

Oh well, look on the bright side, I was extremely road-safety aware in my bright banana yellow top...

Cardigan- Primark
Top- Handmidown from my lovelyyyy sister :)
Leggings- Primark
Bangles- Primark (Assortment)
Hair flower- Primark

See ya laterz alligatorz ;)


  1. Hannah you can't get worse than me - I was wearing shorts today!! LOL and a crop top but at least I was indoors pheww. Horrible weather isn't it? Seems to be clearing up a bit though.

  2. Love the outfit Hannah! :)

  3. I lovee it :) especially the hand-me-down top! gorgeous


  4. you get soooo much nice stuff from Primark! I must go soon! X

  5. it's a great outfit !!! the colors remind me of a popsicle :D
    that's just so much "strawberry/lemon" :D

    xxxx !!!

  6. I love the pink and the yellow together! :)

  7. I love the outfit - it's so summery :)
    I always get caught out by the weather... when i dress for summer it rains, when i dress for winter it's sunny... lol silly weather!

  8. Gorgeous! I adore that tank top. :)

  9. Lovee your cardigan, such a pretty colour on you ! xx

  10. Pretty cardigan, I always have the misfortune of holding summer soirees and donning my summerdresses and sandals only for the weather to decide against weather to match! :)


  11. wow..you are looking gorgeous..your cardigan...slacks and top...every thing beautiful friend...you are so cute so every dress suits you well.

  12. hey Hanna...Happy friendship day to you dear

  13. You look really cute! Love how colorful it is :) Hahaha, "extremely road-safety aware" - loves it :D xo

  14. Such a cute outfit! You look gorgeous! :) xx

  15. Love the outfit and the colours that top is sooo lovely! :)

    I did exactly the same yesterday and wore like a pair of jean shorts (quite longish ones to the knees) a flowery top and a little cardi.. I was out all day and needless to say, I was freeezing! x

  16. That's a really cute outfit! That's happaned to me as well, except it was me wearing a winter jacket in 90 degree weather.


  17. OOOooo I love that top - sisters come in really handy don't they? x

  18. @Audrey- Ohhh we are so silly! Hhehe, yeah your right the weathers awful, where is the summer we were promised?? :)

    @Shannon- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Fern- Hehe, i love getting handmidowns from my big sis, best bit of having a sister! :)

    @Indigo- Hhehe, thanks! They just have so many bargains in there!:)

    @Lily from Paris- Hhehe, cool, just what i was aiming for ;)

    @Jennifer- Hhe, thanks, i love clashing colours at the moment! :)

    @..R May A..- Its so annoying! I cant stand english weather, wayyy too unpredictable!

    @Nora-Schu- Thankies! :)

    @Devs- Thanks hun!

    @Lilyy xx- Aww thanks, its my favourite 'summer cardigan' at the moment, even if its not exactly summery at the moment! :)

    @Ellie- Hhehe, how annoying! Stupid weather! :)

    @Rakhshanda- Aw thanks hun, and happy friendship day to you too :):)

    @Laura xo- Haha, the cars could defintely see me, so i was very road safe ;)

    @Ulaaa- Thanks girlie :)

    @Nicola-x- Awww poor you! Hate when it happens!! :)

    @Zhanna- Hehe, at least you could just take it off :):)

    @Vivianna- Haha, definately! I love geting handmidowns! :)


  19. That's exactly why I HATE the british weather. How can we ever dress appropriately when it's so unpredictable?!!

    You look cute!!

    Sofia x

  20. Love the outfit, really cute :)

    - Beth x

  21. @Sofia's Journal- Arghh i know! So annoying :/ Thankyouu :)

    @Beth- Thanks sweetie! :)