Award!- Whoo hooo (Y)

Friday 14 May 2010

Ahhh isn't it so pretty :)
I'm so proud, hehe!
The gorgeous lady at girlinthecity nominated me for this award! Thankyou so much! Her blog is amazing and so pretty, so go check it out as her posts are fantastic! :)
I was so happy and excited, and now I need to tell you 5 random facts about myself, so here goes...:
  1. I have owned 7 goldfish over my 15 years, and they all died because I forgot to feed them, whoops :/

  2. I loovveee my friends, they literally are my life!

  3. I'm way too obsessed with makeup, especially lipstick and blush- although you may already know that! ;)

  4. I bought a very ratty pair of hair extensions in a bid to stop myself feeling sad about my hair growing so slowly, but when wearing them at school, I was always scared they would catch fire near the soldering irons!

  5. I have a crazy family, with a completely manic uncle and zillions of cousins in Australia!
Hahah, sorry for the randomness, but now for the 5 lovely ladies who deserve to also be nominated for this beautiful award...
  1. Olivia - I love reading her posts, she has great style and her blog is so pretty! :)
  2. Grace - Her blog is stunning, and I love reading her posts! :)
  3. Nicola - This gorgeous girl has a gorgeous blog and is so lovely! :)
  4. Lauren - Her blog is one of my favourites, such a good blogger! :)
  5. Rachel - Shes just starting out but already her blog is great as she has such amazing style! :)
I wish I could put more names, there are sooo many blogs I love reading! :)
Well done girls!

Love Hannah xxx


  1. Congrats on your award doll!!Well deserved!

  2. wow, that's a lot of goldfish! lol

    congrats on this great award.

  3. congarts on award ... been visiting ur blog 4 a while ,,, lovely blog keep posting

  4. Thank you Hannahh :) I will do it very soon! I've just seen the makeup you wore in your last post and I love it!! :) xxx

  5. @Cheryl Clarke- Haha, yeahh im bad at keeping goldfish alive :/ and thankyou :)

    @Nitwit- Thankyou!

    @Olivia- Your welcome :):)


  6. Awesome blog :))
    I'd like to invite you to my makeup & accessories giveaway - you can win great prices :) All you need to do is enter :)) Check it out here:

    Can't wait to hear from you <3

  7. Aww thanks for the award sweetie & what you wrote aww :)Ill do it in a bit :D xx

    well done on the award your blogs amazing x x

  8. @Pixie Dust- I'll check it out :)

    @Nicola- Aww your welcome, your so sweet :) xx