Would You Rather?

Saturday 29 May 2010

The lovely Fern tagged me in this post... :)

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
-extremely beautiful.

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?

-without washing hair! Hey, that's what dry shampoo is for ;)

Be Rich or Famous?

- Rich (Y)

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?

- Makeup, I'm obsessed! :)

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
- Sing! But really both, I've always wanted to be on stage but never had the talent...

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
-Desert Island, and get a great tan!
Have a Computer or a TV?
- Computer :)

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
- Spots :D

Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug?
- Mug, I am a mug... :)
Receive a bunch of Flowers or a box of chocolates?
-Chocolate, yumm yummmm

Have a hug or a Kiss from someone you love?
-Hugs :)

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
-Converse, they are so damn cool!

Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
- Robert Pattinson ahhh *swooonnn* ;)

Be a Fairy or a Mermaid?
-Fairy, I've even got the wings ;)

A Coffee or a Cup of Tea?
- Eww neither, but if i had to... Tea?

Pink nails or Blue nails?
- Mmmm pink!

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?
-Sunny, or I would just complain ;)

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
- Amazing house :)

Be kind or funny?
- Kind :)

Eat Sweets or Cake?
- Cake, nomnomnom!

Hold a Tarantula or a Snake?
- Snake eekkk I could never hold a spider

Wear a necklace or a ring?

Laugh or Smile?
- Smile :D

Be hated or be a hater?
- Hated .. :/

Wear Pearls or Beads?
-Beads :)

If you had to choose,lose your sight or your hearing?
- Ermm... sight, i just could not live without music :/

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
-Friends :)

Love or be loved?
- Both (What a rebel ;))

Thanks for tagging me Fern, this is a great tag! :)

Now I tag...

And all you other lovely ladies feel free to do this post too :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. you're the first person i've seen answer the first question 'extremelyy beautiful' but i definitely agree no matter how vain it is ;)!,X

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  3. I’ve tagged you on my blog :)

  4. Great blog you have here :) Check mine out: http://youdidwhaaat.blogspot.com/

  5. I love this tag, Very funny to read. I love the 'I am a mug :)' bit. Haha.


  6. Thank you! :) Can't wait to do this! xx

  7. @holly- Hehe, i know, but its the truth :)

    @Fern- Haha, thankyou, its a great tag! :)

    @Caz- Ohh thanks! I'll do it soon! :)

    @You Did Whaaat?!- Thanks i will :)

    @Sophie (Soph)- Hehe thankyou ;)

    @Olivia- Your Welcome! :)


  8. I love this tag... lovely answers!

    I nominated you for a award!! :D

    x x