OOTD and my Bank Holidayyyy :)

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Although most of this bank holiday weekend I spent with my nose inside a book, desperately trying to cram in a years worth of not paying attention in class into a few hours in preparation for my exams next week (whoops) I managed to spare a few hours this bank holiday to brave the unpredictable weather and go to the cinema, or the flicks as my mummy would call it haha :)

I went to see the film I've been desperate to see for months...

Dear John!

*Ahhh* Channing Tatum *Ahhh*

The film was great (hugely due to the fact that Tatum's character didn't wear a shirt for 80% of the movie) but also because it had a great story line and some parts were absolutely heartbreaking, nearly making me cry, although I never cry at movies.

The film has inspired me to go out and get the book that the movie was based on, as i loved it so much, has anyone read it, if so, what did you think??

Also heres a little piccie of my outfit...
(This is me trying to be summery while it is hailing outside, haha)

Cardigan £6
Top £4
Sandals £2
Bangle £2
ALL PRIMARK (haha, I'm obsessed)
Jeans (from my sister)
Necklace £8 Accessorise

The sandals probably weren't the best idea in the world... :)

I'd better get off and bury my head in a book again, yippee!
Thanks for reading, have a great week...

Love Hannah xxx


  1. I LOVED that movie! It definitely didn't turn out how I expected. I heard the people in the theater who had already read the book, complaining about the ending of the movie and saying how different the book was. It also seemed like people who had read the book did not like the movie as much. But maybe since you've already seen it, it will be better that way. Let me know if you do end up reading, I'd be interested to know how it is. My mom has the book (I told her to see the movie first!)
    Also I love your outfit, the shirt is my favorite since I'm obsessed with florals!

  2. I'm still trying to persuade my boyfriend to go see it with me..no luck so far so it looks like I'm just gonna have to watch it with my girls :)

    Please check out my blog..you never know you might find summit you like in there :)

    xo sarry

  3. I really want to read the book and see the film. I just need to see it, hopefully I'll get round to it sometime :) xxx

  4. You look lovely! I really like the top and cardigan together!

    I really want to see that film. I never go to the cinema though - I'll probably just wait and buy it on DVD instead. :) xx

  5. @Jennifer- Haha, ill definately try and get it from the library i think! And thanks! :)

    @Sarra.kedir- Haha, you should, its great, and i will check it out :)

    @Laura Jane- Its great, you should :)

    @Grace- Thankyouu :) Good idea, probably less expensive, the cinema is such a rip-off haha :)


  6. Ooh so lucky ive been waiting too see what you made of it :) Glad you enjoyed it! I am deffo going to have to go watch it!! That outfit is gorgeous I love primark too and am pretty obbsessed aswell :)

    Enjoy your book reading <3 !

    Nicola-x <3

  7. & Also Ill have to take a box of tissues with me then lol, lucky you not crying during movies! I just cry my eyes out ha-ha I just can't help it lol :) xx

  8. love primark! be sure to enter my makeup giveaway. :)


  9. @Nicola- haha, definately take tissues, its very sad! :) Primark is the best! :) xx

    @Cheryl Clarke- I'll check it out :) xx

  10. Havn't seen the movie, but always liked the actress..

    cool blog/ like the background too!

  11. @Tangerine Fairy- Yeahh i love Amanda Seyfried, such a good actress! :) Thankyouu :) xx

  12. hey!
    your blog is incredibly interesting and i love your make-up tips. it has really helped.

  13. @airoplane in the night sky.- Aw thankyou :) Glad to help :) xx

  14. My friend won a competition to meet Channing Tatum and then was GOING TO invite me, and then didn't because I didn't go to my lecture that day and he said I abandoned him. Oh, sob. He wasn't even bothered cos he's a guy, and I was a little heartbroken! Damnit! xo

  15. @Sarah- Awwww, that would have been AMAZING to meet Channing Tatum! :( x

  16. i'd love to see the barry m coral as a post (if you haven't already) :)


  17. @Cheryl Clarke- Sure, ill do a post on it soon :) x

  18. You look gorgeous, I love your outfit! I love dressing summery & I loved dear john too :) XO

  19. hi.
    i love you blog...
    is very nice...

  20. @Hannahbabeyxo- Thankyouu, and yeah Dear John ♥♥♥♥ Btw, great name hehe :)

    @Style and pleasure- Thankyouu :)