Benefit- My New Obsession...

Thursday 27 May 2010

I've always been a girl with expensive taste, and my new obsession is no different!
Lately I've been reading review after review after review on Benefit products, and there so damn pretty I can't help but fall in love with them!
I know, I know don't judge a book by its cover and everything, but they really are so beautiful. I'm just a sucker for good packaging I guess and I just have to try some out after seeing amazingly cheap prizes on eBay at the moment!

So here are the few of the things I've been lusting after...

(All pictures used from Benefit Cosmetics)

Just one downer though...
Still haven't received my free benefit lip gloss which i won with my flake, its been a month! :(

Oh well, hopefully it will come soon!

Now i need your help- which of these products do you recommend, or are there any others you like?


  1. I've tried Bad Gal mascara and I really don't like it at all. It doesn't do much except smudge onto my eyelids.
    Have you considered Sugarbomb? It is made up of four different colours that you can either apply separately or blend together.,default,pd.html?cgid=100

  2. Oh I love high beam, it gives a really nice highlight!

  3. High beam is freaking amazing! I love that stuff! Hoola is also a great contouring bronzer, xoxo

  4. i love bad gal! 3rd favorite mascara!

  5. I recommend the maybelline "the colossan volume express", the yellow tube mascara. I'm not familiar with the brand you're writing about, but I usually get the more famous ones and end up very happy :)

    following you by the way! Nice atmosphere here!

  6. I got a free sample of the bad gal mascara and I have to say I love it.

  7. coralista is awesome, a great dupe for the NARS orgasm. Sugarbomb is super nice too for a natural blush. Dandelion is.. I don;t know, but I honestly don't feel like it makes a difference.

    I work opposite a Benefit counter so like, I pretty muich know all their products and which ones are popular with the customers. Bad lashes are pretty popular seeing as customers come back just for that one- I havn't personally tried it though.

    have fun choosing :)

    Oh and High beam.. so pretty!

  8. I love Hoola and its so good, a little goes a long way. I like Bad Gal mascara but there are better cheaper ones out there (such as max factor false lash effect). I also like thrrrob blusher, its quite subtle but very pretty.

  9. I personally don't like benefit that much. There are a couple of products which are great, but to be honest, there are loads of dupes for benefit, which are just as good for the product for less than half the price. The only downside is that there is not as good packaging.
    There are good dupes for the high beam and posie tint by mememe. I can't quite remember the names. I probably should go and look at mine and read it, but I'm too lazy to move right now. -.-
    But they basically look exactly the same, and come in the same shape bottles. for £4.50, they're pretty good! (:
    Out of what you have there though, I'd probably recommend coralista. (: xx

  10. @me :)- Ohh thankyou for the tip, this blush looks lovely, ill consider it :)

    @Dollface- Hehe it looks lovely, maybe i can find a cheaper dupe of it! :)

    @girlinthecity- I think im deffo going to try Bad Gla lash it looks lovely, and sugarbomb looks great too! :)

    @Hope- Ohhh thanks for the tip!

    @Kaitlyn- Thanks! :):)

    @Niki Asimakidis- Oh thankyou, my friend has that and i was thinking about getting it, she loves it! :)

    @paperheart♥- Yay, im definately going to try! :)

    @{ I V Y }- If you do let me know how it goes :)

    @Jessica- Thanks thats soo helpful, im definately considering sugarbomb now! :)

    @diamantegirl- Oh i love max factor false lash effect, its great! :)

    @Grace- Oh thankyou so much for the help! Ill look into mememe's stuff, ive seen them before and they look great! :)


  11. Great post!

    Don't worry about your benefit lipgloss it will be here soon, my fist one took about a moNTH & a half :) Keep a look out for glamour magazine next month! £2 an issue and theres 3 different benefit products to get :) I think thery are all pencil conceler, eyeliner and highlighter ;)! So deffo keep a look out the issues out on the 15th june i beleive :) Can't wait! xxx

  12. i've never tried Benefit, but the lip gloss and the high beam look great. can't wait for you to receive this stuff and do your own review.

    thank you for the sweet comments, hannah!

  13. I love high beam, it works wonders. I also love the blush, the one I use isnt on your blog but that brand is awesome!

  14. Ah so tempting, but i've also heard a lot of good wanders about their foundations!
    But obviously, quite pricey!

  15. I'm addicted to benefit... :/
    It's an expensive addiction lol
    I always go back for bad gal lash, I just can't find anything that really competes!
    I really recommend georgia, it's such an easy colour to work with - it's great as a blush on my apples and when i'm having a bad skin day i sweep some all over and it brightens my complexion!

  16. i don't own anything by Benefit, but ahhhh i need some! the packaging is absolutely goooorgeous, & that's what really drew my attention tbh :) yeah, as Grace said, i feel like there are probably a lot of less expensive dupes for their products, but agh, who can resist the stunning packaging! xx

  17. I'm going to buy benefit dallas, and psst here's a secret. I think £23 is ridiculous for a product in a cardboard box so i'm buying it from here

    yes you are reading right, £9.99!
    I'm liking your blog, glad I visited! xxx

  18. @Nicola-x- Oh thanks hun that makes me feel better, hope it comes soon! Im so excited, im deffo going to pick a magazine up! :)

    @Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse- Your welcome and thankyouu!! :D

    @Kelly and Sara- What blush do you use?

    @Nat Elizabeth- Yeahh, thats their only downside! :)

    @..R May A..- Oh sounds good, i really really want bad gal lash, it looks amazing! :)

    @Laura xo- Heheh, i know, they are soooo pretty! :)

    @Shabna- Oh thanks so much! :):)