Haul! (+ Mini FOTD!)

Sunday 16 May 2010

Hello my lovelies :)

On my little trip into town today i picked up quite a few little goodies:

Primark Top- £5
I love the spots and it will be perfect summer wear with leggings and gladiator sandals.

Boring Random Products
I had to pick up this array of necessities as I had run out-
Batiste Dry Shampoo- £2
Superdrug Hairspray- £1
Tresemme Iron Style and Hold Spray- £3
All from Superdrug :)
Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion- Pound Shop

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream- £2.50
Vitamin E Moisture Cream- £2.50
I bought these with the 3 for 2 deal on skin care that Superdrug has on at the moment along with the Vaseline (see below) as I had heard about them on so many blogs, with people raving about them. So far I love the moisturiser, its consistency is so thick and creamy and seems to have already helped my dry skin. The illuminating cream is also great, it can be used on its own or as a highlighter, and looks lovely on the skin. :)

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub
Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand
(Both bought with the two for £5 deal at Boots) 
I really love these products, the exfoliater leaves my face soft and smooth and I have noticed big improvements in my skin after using the spot wand for just one week (I picked these ones up last weekend). Recommend Recommend Recommend! :D

Of course after reading about this amazing giveaway on so many blogs, I just had to go and pick up the Nails Inc polish in London for free by buying 2 Diet Cokes in Boots. The colour is beautiful and the consistency is thick and easy to apply. A complete bargain nail polish that usually costs more than £10!

Vaseline Rosy Lips- Free with the 3 for 2 offer on all skincare at Superdrug.
I love the colour of this Vaseline as it is so natural and easy to apply. The consistency's amazing and can even be used on cheeks to create a beautiful blush.

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Mink- This only cost me £2.50 (originally £7.50) as I used my £5.00 off voucher for No7 products.
This eyeshadow is really good quality and the colour is gorgeous and has just the right amount of golden shimmer in it. Its perfect for a base on the eye, which you can then layer with a darker colour in the crease.

Gosh Darling Lipstick- £6.00
After reading many a rave on this lipstick, I decided to buy it and I can conclude it really is the perfect nude lipstick. Its a very creamy consistency so you do need to make sure you use it with some kind of lip balm before, but it creates a beautiful pale lip.
(From top to bottom- Vaseline Rosy Lips, No7 Eyeshadow in Mink, Gosh Darling)

And now for a mini FOTD, using my lovely new products...

(Excuse my disgusting greasy hair :/)

I used:

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream as a base
Vaseline Rosy Lips on cheeks

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Mink as a base on eye
New York Color Metro Quartet-Union Square Eye Shadow Palette darkest colour in outer corner, crease and brought under eyes
No 7 Black Eyeliner along top of eye
Avon Supershock Mascara

Gosh Darling with Vaseline Rosy Lips over the top, which creates a creamy pink lip colour :)

Thank you for reading my lovelies! What did you all do this weekend then?

Hannah xxx


  1. lovely haul! :) i love that top & you look gorgeous!
    nice post :) xx

  2. Very pretty look as always!
    I need to get me that nail polish if they haven't all gone by now. My brothers can drink the coke as I hate carbonated drinks xx

  3. Aww great haul chick :) Love the top :) <3 I got that nail varnish too its gorgeous wearing it now! went perfect with my aprty outfit last night haha :)! That lipcolour looks lovely! & Aww gorgeous fotd hun :) xx

  4. i love that primark top. i have a Forever 21 top that looks a lot like that. so cute, you are!


  5. hey u lok fab in the makup and the pokadot top it georgous cant wait to c u wear it keeep up fab blogg and well u know what i did this weekend lool xx

  6. You look amazing and lovely haul!!Necessity products are must too!!!

  7. That nail polish looks amazing! And I really want to try that vasline rosy lips! Usually I have to DIY my lip balm a chapstick to get a product like that!


  8. i love the polish! Come enter my giveaway! im giving away MAC, OPI, Essie, Bath and Body works and more!


  9. GORRGEOUS :)love it.


  10. @Laura- Thankyou sweetie :)

    @me :)-Oh get it, its such a pretty colour! :)

    @Nicola- Thanks hun, and yeah the colour is gorgeous! :)

    @Cheryl Clarke- Hahah thankyou, and yeah i really like it :)

    @Rachel- Thanks babe!

    @Lovelyviolet5- Hahah yeah they really are, and thankyou :D

    @Hope- The vaseline is actually really lovely, i wear it so school as its so subtle :)

    @Jazzsquared and Macksquared- ill check it out :)

    @Awaiting (deya.)- Thankyou hun! :)


  11. Love that top! super cute : )

    Nice blog post : ) following your blog ... have you had a chance to follow mine and check out my new post? Would love for you to stop by when you are free.


    Hope to see you there!

  12. Me again!I have something for you in my blog!!Check it out!Cheers!

  13. such a lovely young face. Beautiful, sheer make up, just right for a girl of your age. You remind me a lot of the girl who's doing my nails. xxx :)

  14. Very cute! Just found your blog and am your newest follower! What a fun little shopping day :)

    Check us out and follow us when you have time:

  15. @Jonesy- Sure i will, and thanks! :) x

    @Lovelyviolet5- Hahaha thanks hun!

    @Pink_fish- aww thankyou :) Ill check out your blog :)

    @Kelly and Sara- Thankyou sweeties :) And will do :)


  16. i love that nails inc colour "london " has become one of my faves :) xx