Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser review & moan :)

Saturday 1 May 2010

I am a typical girl, obsessed with everything sparkly and pretty, so when I heard about Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser, infused with shimmering elements and claiming to create a naturally radient and even complexion I just had to try it, so i asked for it for my birthday a few months ago, and sure enough it turned up in my pile of presents! :)

My first impressions of this product was the beautiful packaging, which looks like a pearl and shimmers in the light.

The cream inside looked promising, a soft golden peach colour with gorgeous, shimmery, glitteryness, that is garenteed to attract any self-confessed girly girl.
Eagarly I slapped the product onto my face, impatient for the cream to work its magic and make me radient and shimmery. But as with most high expectations, I was disappointed.

Before rubbing in.

After rubbing in (You can just about make out the little shimmers... :))

Don't get me wrong, there are some good things about the product. It really does make you shimer, and in some cases this is a good thing, in some lights making you look radient, but in others making you look like a five year old whos been playing with mummies glittery make-up.

Another thing that I dislike about it is the smell. I'v seen a lot of people commenting that they like the smell as it is fresh and feminine, but I alsolutely hate it. To me, it is overpowering and way too citrisy and fruity, which I have not come to expect from a moisturiser. It absorbs well and in some cases it is moisturising to the skin, but i did find that when applied over flakey, dry skin, the shimmers settled into the flakes emphasising my dry skin rather than helping it.

When I applied this as a base under my foundation, sometimes it literally made the foundation flake off, which really isnt a good look!

Sorry for the moan, but overall this product really isn't anything special and I would't recommend, so im now looking for a new, really nourishing moisturiser which will help my dry skin. Any suggestions??

Thanks for reading!
Hannah xxx


  1. Thanks for the warning! I find that the Body Shop Vitamin E Night Nourishing Cream is super moisturising :D

  2. Olay beauty fluid is good :) its lovely and afforable xx

  3. It looks so cute , but I avoid anything with /in glitter

  4. @Sarah- i think ill be avoiding glitter from now on as well hehe :)

    @Vivianna- Thanks for the suggestion, il see if i can find it! :)

    @Laura Jane- Thankyou too, it sounds good! :)


  5. Great review chick :)

    I have loads of samples of this and I totally agree, My face was just so glittery it was unbelievable! and also the smell I hate it too!

    The mosturiser I really like and is my hg is the olay conplete care multi raidience, Ive been using is for well over a year now and its never let me down! Also recently Ive discovered the superdrug vitamen range, There daily moisturisers are fab and such a bargain I Love the illuminating raidience one! They both give you the glowy look without shimmers x

  6. @Nicola- ohh i'v heard so much about that vitamin E range! Im going to pick it up soon hopefully, it sounds so good! :)

  7. for this cream to properly work i recommend you to use it with the face wash from the same brand, its a cleanser cream for the face, you wash your face with it, then pat dry and apply the cream. my skin went from dull and boring to shiny, well nourished using these two products and i just started using them today. What a amazing transformation. I love it. Give it another try, you'll love it :)