Barry M Nail Paint Love- Top 5

Thursday 20 May 2010

Hello Bloggies! :)

Now as we all know, Barry M currently rules the world of colourful nail polishes. At only £2.95 a piece, they are affordable but surprisingly good quality, mine once went a whole week without chipping! Therefore this post is dedicated to my top five fabulous nail paints from my beloved Barry M...

So here we go...

Black (No. 47)
This little beauty helps me achieve gothic sheek and is so well pigmented it only needs one coat in most cases. Make sure you use a good base coat so it doesn't stain your nails when using this.

Vivid Purple (No. 161)
This colour is a marbly pink/purple, which looks great with practically anything. The colour is so beautiful and easy to apply you wont be able to stop yourself putting it on!

Fuchsia (No. 302)
This gorgeous hot pink is perfect for summer and looks great with anytime, anywhere. Please ignore the smudge, I accidentally splodged it on my bed cover, whoops. That reminds me, does anyone know how to remove nail polish from fabric before my mum kills me? ;)

Grey (No. 293)
This colour is so versatile and soft it goes with everything. I love wearing it in winter as its a bit dark for Summer but not as harsh as Black.

And my number 1 favourite Barry M nail paint is...

CORAL! (No. 296)
The most gorgeous pink/orange is my ultimate summer polish, as it finishes off any outfit perfectly! I love wearing blue with this as the clashing colours stand out amazingly. The pigmentation is perfect and I normally get away with one coat which lasts 3-5 days with top coat. Favourite nail varnish ever, hands down!


So thats my little list of my favourite Barry M Nail Paints, but I'd love to know what your favourite colours are from the brand??

Love Hannah


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  2. I love Barry M Nail Paints, they are definately amazing. My favourite colour to wear is turquoise :)

  3. Gorgeous colours! I love Barry M's nail paints! :)


  4. coral is also my favourite... the colour is gorgeous! xx

  5. hi!! just discovered your blog, and i pretty much love it! i love the electric blue barry m colour, cant remember what its called, its in my nail box somewhere.....
    anyway, much love from your latest follwoer, a fellow fifteen year old!

  6. these are all such gorgeous shades! okay, we officially need Barry M in the US!! ♥
    lovely post :)

  7. I love that Coral!!! Just picked it up recently and it is beautiful for Summer! :) Toes and fingers!!


  8. Ooh these look lovely hun great post that coral is lush!! Ive only got 2 of these! Deffo need to get my hands on some more! I have Berry and then a red one i got as a freebie out of fabulous!

    Ive never ever ever worn or even thought about wearing black nail varnish just because its black lol! Youve inspired me to try one haha x

  9. Coral looks lovely. I haven't tried any of Barry M's nail varnish, but I am thinking of getting 3 or 4 now. Thanks, this post was very useful! xx

  10. Fab colllection! I have the grey and coral, and coral is definitely my favourite for the summer! Such a great colour!

  11. @ByJody- My best friend is obsessed with the turquoise one hehe :)

    @Sophie- I know, they are the best! :)

    @Indah- Yep, the coral is gorgeous! :)

    @Suyinsays- Thanks hun! I love that one as well, infact i love all of them ;)

    @Laura xo- Aww its such a shame the US dont do them, they are so good! Oh well, could always get them from ebay.. :)

    @Natalie- Aww its such a nice colour! :)

    @Nicola-x- Haha black nails are great, they make any outfit look a bit edgy :)

    @Sophie Louise- Haha, i hope you do, your welcome :)


  12. @Vivianna- me too, i love them, thankyouu :)


  13. I hate walking past the Barry M stand because they have too much choice. I want all of their products in every single colour! :'( x

  14. @me :)- Ahhh i know! I have about 15 thatt iv been meaning to buy but i have no money hehe! :) xx