EOTD- Colour Me Pretty

Friday 2 July 2010

I've been playing around with the idea the idea of colour in my eye makeup- shock horror! Of course, like many bloggers, I'm stuck in the 'neutral' rut, where mostly all my eye looks consist of various shades of brown - exciting, ehh? So today I decided it was time to shove myself out of that phase and ease myself into colour...

I used an old blue eyeshadow to line my lower lash line, I actually think it looks quite nice surprisingly!

Not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it outside the safety of my room though... ;/

It looks as if I have red eyes in this, oh well, one step closer to Edward Cullen I guess! I'm not sure if blue really suits my eye colour to be honest, I may try this look again but with a different colour, and keep you updated :)

What do you think?? :)


  1. It looks great on you! But I have the same problem, I sometimes put blue eye shadow on before I go out, think it looks nice but end up changing my mind and changing it to the good ol' browns. Waste of makeup eh? But I like purple :D that's about it colour-wise though. Hehe!
    You should wear this out though :) it looks lovely, I like it :D xxx

  2. I like it! It's not too bright, not too blue, but obviously not black!
    I'm such a colour addict that neutrals just seem out of ordinary on me :P


  3. This is really pretty and looks gorgeous on you ;)

  4. I think it looks really pretty and suits your eyes :) Im the same playing about with all these different colours yet I won't go out the house haha :)

  5. I did something like this for the first time a little while ago and i got loads of lovely comments - it's a great way of adding a bit of colour :)
    It really suits you!

  6. It looks really nice :)
    I always wear bright colours on my lower lash line, not confident to wear them on my lid though!

  7. It looks really good! What mascara are you wearing btw, your eyelashes look amazing!! x

  8. @Choccy-Biccy- Hahaha, thankyou hun! It is a bit of a waste of makeup, i love experimenting though ;) Hopefully ill be brave enough to wear it out soon!! :)

    @Tania- Hehe, your lucky, i wish i was comfortable with colour!!:)

    @Dollface- Thanks hunny! :)

    @Nicola-x- Haha, i know, im just not brave enough to go bright! :)

    @..R May A..- Oh yeahh i saw it, you looked lovely! And thankyouu!:)

    @Louise- Same, i think colour on top makes me look weird :)

    @Hannah- Im wearing Max Factor Masterpiece Max, i love it! And thankyou babe :)


  9. Reply to your comment (They really need a reply application on blogger!):
    Oh their not a french mani, they're just my nails with a clear coat on top haha x

  10. You should wear this out the house!! It really does look pretty and a great way to add a bit of colour to your make up :) xx

  11. I think it looks really nice! Haha, i'm totally a neutral girl as well :) You should definately try wearing this outside of the house, i'm sure you'd get a load of compliments on it! :) xx

  12. looks great on you, and it looks a lot like a no7 metallic eyeliner I have. :)

  13. Oh and I gave you an award on my blog...check it out


  14. what mascara do you have on?

  15. @Louise- Oh wow! You must have amazing nails! :)

    @Charlotte- Heheh, thankyou, im going to be brave and wear it out today! :)

    @Laura xo- Aww thanks, itshard to get out of nautrals, but hopefully today il wear some colour ;)

    @Sophie- Of cool, this was just a really cheap eyeline :)

    @Hannah- Thankouuu!! :)

    @Beautyaddictioness♥- Max Factor Masterpiece Max, my fav mascara ever! :)