Summer, Summer, Summer!

Saturday 24 July 2010

School's finally out and I have a whole 6 weeks to myself to do with how I like. Maybe I could find myself? Maybe I could find a whole new hobby? Or maybe I could just sit here blogging to you guys? ehh?

So what are your plans this summer? Summer love? Summer activities? Hmm?

I'm guessing the majority of my time will be spent stuck at home attempting to complete the ridiculous amount of Art coursework I've been set over the summer :/ Why does school view the weeks we have off as 'extra opportunity to get ahead next year' rather than the well deserved break we are supposed to be having!?!

But hey ho, I've a few things to be looking forward too. Multiple shopping trips are planned so expect quite a few hauls and moans about lack of dosh from me. Also planned is a day out at Thorpe park, which is super exciting although, will I be able to face my fear of Saw? :S At the end of August I'm off on my summer holidays to Spain- whoop! Expect tan lines galore when I get back!

Over the summer I'm debating whether to enter Sugar Model Comp 2011, as some of my friends are entering, if I can get a few good pictures together.
Anyone else thinking of entering??

Of course creating a perfect summer play list is also on my to-do list. At the moment it includes these little beauties...

Bruno Mars - Somewhere in Brooklyn
Bruno Mars- Billionaire
Airplanes- BOB ft Hayley William
Anything Glee
Anything Taylor Swift
The Wanted- All Time Low
Joe Brooks- Superman
Eliza Doolittle- Pack Up

What are your summer must have songs??

Sorry for the rambling post, have a great week!


  1. you should definitely enter the sugar modelling comp, my bestfriend chloe hutchings won the last one and has got loads of great oppotunities because of it (:,X

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  3. I love Eliza Dolittle's new song. <3

    I am off to Tenerife next week, but I don't tan easily, so probably no tan lines for me :(

  4. Hey happy holidays hannah....lovely pics

  5. heya i have awarded you an award on my blog :) x

  6. We have similar taste in music =] I've been on summer vacation for a while now but I havent done much as yet. Hopefully august will be better!

  7. omg that's so weird but cool about you knowing chloe's cousin, are you friends with holly hutchings? (:,X

  8. @Holly- Yeahh i know Holly! :) Haha, its sooo weird lol :)

    @Sophie- Ohh have a great time in Tennerife, lucky thing! :)

    @Rakhshanda- Thankyouu :)

    @Veronica- Hehe, have a great summer! :)


  9. Yay for summer Hope you have an amazing summer!!! for me I broke up from college begining of june! so my summer started weeks ago.. and im really bored haha! I have no idea what im going to do till september! haha :) x

  10. Nicola- Ahhh your soo lucky! You have such a long time off! Thanks, have a great summer too! :) xx