The Dangers of Internet Shopping...

Saturday 31 July 2010

Why oh why did Internet shopping have to be invented?

Sitting at home all day I've been staring at item upon item of products that I just have to have from the Internet because its a complete 'bargain'. In reality, the Internet and shops have teamed up on me to get me to spend money I don't have... and its working. Here's some of the things I'm lusting after...

Oh ELF, why must you be so tempting!?!

 It makes me drool just looking at it...

I am also on the search for the perfect Denim Jacket, Aviators and Bikini...

Will my quest for the perfect summer buys ever end?


  1. internet shopping makes my ruin !!!
    ebay and asos will kill my wallet !


  2. Haha, don't worry Hannah! I'm exactly the same :)
    I drive my parents nuts - they're not fans of shopping on the internet so I have to beg to get stuff! I love elf too, but here's a tip: If you follow them of facebook/twitter, they give out promo codes every week for free postage, discounts if you spend more than £10, etc! It's great :)

  3. awww i love interent shopping your not alone :) xxxx

  4. Loved your post!!wish list is fabulous!:)

  5. I do the exact same thing when I'm bored...just look at websites and make a list of things I want! It's terrible!

  6. i agree, i have the denim jacket but the bikini omg this is taking foreve to find the best one, :( and i go away in 12 days! :/ haha let me knw how your search goes!! x

  7. ive been wanting the elf powder brush and the elf lipstick for ages, last night i FINALLY went to buy em both and the powder brush is out of stock, gutting!!

  8. I am the exact same! Loving the denim jacket :) xx

  9. I feel exactly the same way! Those elf products look extremely gorgeous!

  10. that is the cutest bikini i think i've ever seen!!! love itttt!

    im a new follower♥

  11. Aw im the EXACT SAME :( I could sit hours on end looking through pages of goregous wee things that i know i cant get and then i start to get really pissed off!

    =( Lol

    I wanted the E.L.F powder brush, then noticed its out of stock on there uk website :(

    Soo i just HAD TO go on ebay and order it from an american seller!

    Btw i love those sunglasses :)


  12. That lipstick shade is great and so are the sunglasses.

  13. We are feel you every time I'm never a computer I want to by something ahahah

  14. I feel the same way about online shopping.. but what can we do, it's so convenient!:D

    That's a cute denim jackey, btw!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  15. I love the bikini and the aviators! Any idea what brand is the bikini? xoxo

  16. I'm the same (:
    I love looking on the ELF website.

  17. the elf makeup looks sooo pretty! I want them all I really need to place an orderrr! x

  18. @Lily from Paris- Hehe, i think it might 'kill my wallet' too :)

    @Audrey- Ohh great tip! I'll definately follow them on twitter! Thanks!

    @Jade- Hehe, i think everyones a bit obsessed with internet shopping :)

    @Blushingloves- Thanks hun!

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- I know its so bad, its just because i get bored!:)

    @Ana Cristina- Ahh so lucky with the denim jacket! Good luck with the bikini search :)

    @Why am i here?- Mee too! I want to powder brush but it was sold out so i couldnt order- it was so annoying! Hope it comes back into stock soon! :(

    @beatricelilly- Hehe, thats the topshop denim jacket, but cant afford it :(

    @Devs- I knoww right? They looks so great hehe :)

    @Anya- Hehe, thanks sweetie!

    @..nichola!- I wish it wasnt out of stock, i really really want to get it! Oh good idea, i may try that!

    @Rakhshanda- Thanks hun!!

    @the Treat in treating yourself- Hehe, me too, i think its a disease lol :)

    @Marie- Hehe, i guess! :) Thanks hun!

    @UrbanMermaid- Thankyou! I got the bikini picture from here if you wanna check it out... :)

    @Shannon- Hhehe, i loveee ElF :)

    @Nicola- I need to place another order, i think im a bit obsessed with it at the moment :)


  19. I know! The temptation... Those elf products look so pretty, especially the eyeshadows!

  20. @Café Bellini- The internet really is tempting! :)


  21. Oh my god, I once went on ELF and just kept on going 'add to basket', 'add to basket' on and on and on, it was nuts. Of course, in the end I realised I didn't have nearly enough money to buy anything ><

  22. @Nats- Im the exact same! I think, oh its so cheap, i can get it, and then i look at the price of my shopping basket it come to about £50 and im like oh dear! Hehe! :) xx

  23. The make up products have such beautiful colors *-*
    what a temptation!

  24. @MárciaB.- Hehe, i know, im sooo tempted but all of them! :) xx