Whoops- MIA Muchh??

Friday 16 July 2010

I missed you little Bloggies!
You may, or may not, have noticed that I have been extremely MIA for the last couple of weeks and I can only apologise! Blame my computer hard drive which decided to go kaput and take all of my pictures, music and documents to the big computer desk in the sky with it.

Only just today have I got my Internet back up and running and I'm so stressed trying to get up to date with face book, blogger, you tube etc (you can tell I'm addicted hehe)

So my lovelies, I should be cluttering up your dashboard for the next few days with extremely old blogs I forgot to publish weeks ago, sorryyy :)

Tahh tahhh for now :)


  1. Dont worry ive been too, for a long tiem should be back now!! xx

  2. Waho I'm excited for your upcoming posts sweetie xxx

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  4. Awww noo I hate it when that happens! welcome back youve been missed can't wait for the new posts :) xx

  5. just saw your blog read and knew about you.you are very nice dear...i want you to come and visit my blog...we can follow each other..isn't it?

  6. ohh sorry...i am already following you..haha

  7. @Lisa.- Aww, i miss your blogs, hope you come back soon:(

    @Dollface- Thankyou hunny! :D

    @edk.dolce- Wow, il check it out! :)

    @Nicola-x- Thankyou babe!! Missed blogger soo much :)

    @Rakhshanda- Hehe,thanks, and sure :)


  8. I am also a bit AWOL, because I am goingto get a Macbook Pro soon as this laptop won't even type.. It misses out letters, won't delete mistakes and I can't type numbers and most symbols. So I will have to wait until I get my new laptop to get up-to-date with my lovely new macbook x

  9. @Sophie- Oh hope you get a new one soon :) xx