Natural Collection Waterguard Mascara Review...

Saturday 24 July 2010

Its summer, its hot, and with water fights on every corner you need to be prepared for all potentially disastrous situations, mascara-wise. We've all been there, sopping wet with mascara trails running down your cheeks, wishing you'd had thought of waterproof mascara before it was too late.

If your looking for a cheap waterproof mascara then Natural Collection Waterguard may be exactly what you need. At only £1.99 its one of the most inexpensive mascaras on the market, but does it actually live up to its 'waterproof' claims? Lets see...

The 'before' shot
The mascara applied well, it left my lashes reasonably clump free, if a little 'spidery', although already exceeded my expectations of a £2 mascara!

Be prepared for freaky image coming up... :/

Hah! Waterproof, my bum!
This was the 'after' shot, after I had rubbed my eyes with water!
Sorry for the freaky, dead eyes, but of course this mascara is not waterproof. They lied I say, they lied! ;)

Oh well, not too bad for £2 I guess! Maybe not the best waterproof mascara ever, but if you don't really need a 100% waterproof, the actual formula isn't too bad!

Anyone know of any mascaras that are cheap, but also perfectly waterproof? :)



  1. Oh, that's a bit of a let down....still it seems a nice mascara though...especially for the price! :) I've never tried Natural Collection mascaras!


  2. Haha; I giggled at the 'after' picture. But I guess any mascara with 'waterproof' written on it is going to lure you in at summertime :)
    I hear the telescopic is really good - and the NC really does exceed expectations, all water-proof features aside.
    Check out my new post x

  3. haha :P, this is what happens to me whenever i go swimming with 'waterproof' mascara. i suppose for £2 it looks pretty good (:,X

  4. hahaaa they lied, i say they liedd! :) let down, wont be buying that one then! :) x

  5. Yikes, hopefully you don't wear this in the rain!

    I've given you the I <3 your blog

    Congrats, you deserve it!

  6. Lol this post made me smile! Damn cheap mascaras! I have tried a load of the collection 2000 ones and used to swear by their longer lashes 100% waterproof mascara that comes in a black tube with a blue top and I think it was only 2 or 3 quid, might be worth a try :)

  7. great review, What a let down! sounds like a great mascara though && your eyelashes are amazingly long so jelous!! :) x

  8. @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- You should try them, they arnt too bad for their price! :)

    @Audrey- Hehe, i know the 'after' picture is freaky! :) Ohhh i'll check it out! And it is pretty good for its price is you ignore the non-waterproofness :)

    @Holly- hehe, i don't think any mascaras are actually waterproof!:)

    @Ana Cristina- Hehe, they did lie! LOL :P

    @rebecca- Yeahh i agree hehe :)

    @Ashley- Aww thanks hun, and i will most definately not be wearing this in the rain! :)

    @Vivianna- Yes, damn cheap mascaras! LOL, ohhh sounds good ill check it out! :)

    @Nicola- Aww thanks, they are pretty long, but not thick at all its so annoying hehe! :)


  9. Thats such a shame :( was hoping it would work well, nevermind! xx

  10. I was thinking of buying this before I went away, as I thought I might need one on holiday. I'm glad I didn't! That doesn't look waterproof at all! xx

  11. I used that mascara last summer and i loved it. i went to the swimming pool and it was perfectly fine.
    im using the regular mascara right now and i like it as well. maybe you could try that one. it's 2 pounds as well and its quite good :)

  12. @ByJody- I know it really is! :(

    @Olivia- Hhehe, im glad you didnt else you may have had panda eyes in the pool! :)

    @Alice- I'll try it, they are such a bargain anyway :)