Mahoosive Haulage For The Week ;)

Sunday 4 July 2010

This week I've been on Work Experience at Marks & Spencer. Completely boring and tiring, but also, strangely fun at the same time, as I was working with one of my friends, Pip.

Woo hoo, my own uniform and name badge! How could it get any better?? ;)

I loved being in town everyday, but me having lunchtimes and after work free and being surrounded by all my favourite shops was not a good combination for my depleting bank balance. It seems I have zero will power when it come to bargains, which is why I've got a humongous haul for you, my lovelies :)

So, first up Primarni, oh I do love it in there!

I snapped up this gorgeous dolly bow and pearl stripey dress for £6, eekkkk, so pretty...

...and this gorgeous bracelet, for £1.50, GO Primark! :)

How sweet is this owl necklace?!?? I love how kitch it is, and such a bargain at £2.

I also picked up this £2 Primark mascara, just to try it out against the more expensive brands. I must say that is not actually terrible, as expected, but an average mascara. Although, I doubt I'll be picking this over Max Factor anytime soon :)

Another bargain of the week were these £8 beautiful nude pumps with little gold studs all over, so purtyyyy ;)

Some of Primark's new summer bikinis are absolutely stunning, and this metallic £7 one with studs is no exception :)

And finally, these pretty little hair slides for £1.50.

That's it for Primark, wow looking at all of these I realise how obsessed I really am, whoops ;)

Now onto the Pound Shop, where I found this little bargain...

Rimmel London Eye Liner in Brown, and Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Lineer in Purple. I really like both of these liners, and am so excited to finally own a purple eye liner, me thinks purple EOTD's will be coming up soon;)

Similarly, in the 99p Shop I found a couple of cheapies...

Dive summer Glow, for perfectly tanned legs and Shockwaves gloss Booster Spray,, for sheeny shiny hair, now I'm ready for summer ;)

Next up is Superdrug, the best shop in the world... ;)
Is it bad I am instantly happy when walking into Superdrug, it feels like my home now, I've been in it so much this week? Teeheee...

I picked up this for just 59p! :O

While in Superdrug, I couldn't resist this Sleek Lipgloss for £4, its just so pretty. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this. It's unbelievably sticky, meaning that when tossing my hair, I get a mouthful of hair, not attractive :|

Of course, while at the Sleek counter, I couldn't resist this palette in 'Storm' which I have been lusting after forever! The colours are beautiful, highly pigmented and just plain stunning. I feel a review coming on soon! ;)

And finally, from Boots...

Natural Collection lipstick in Rose Petal, a gorgeous peachy pink colour...

...and Natural Collection Waterguard Mascara in Black, which I think is essential for those summer water fights, so I'll be testing the 'waterproofy-ness' of this soon... :)

I also got this unbelievably beautiful 17 lipstick in the shade 'dreamy'...

And I have to say it really is dreamy. Its the perfect barbie pink, and I think I'm in love ;)

That's the end of my little MASSIVE haul ;)

Well done to those people who got this far, thanks for reading my rambles!

Have a great week guys! :)


  1. That was a lovely haul, hun! I too luuurrvvee Primark and Superdrugs for great deals! hehe xoxo

  2. Wow I love your pink lipsticks and envy your gorgeous hauls! Love the bikini too!:-)

  3. Great haul :) I really want that owl necklace and the sleek palette which is always out of stock when I go to get it :( but i'll persist :)

    Oh and please do tell how good the natural collection waterproof mascara is because I really need a waterproof one for the summer and don't know which one to get! :)


  4. you got 2 of my fave lipsticks! haha thats weird
    great haul!

  5. i so want that pallet too :) x

  6. I enjoy your pound shop bargain hauls, haha x

  7. nice hauls..

    I love the nude pumps and the hair slides! cute! =)

  8. Wow you brought a lot, all lovely things :)

    I've tagged you :)


  9. i bought that owl necklace today, i love it!,X

  10. glad your work experience went well Aww you look great in your uniform!! Amazing haul!!!! I was the same when it was my work experience (2years ago D: ) I was in a hairdressers in my town, and all I did was just shop shop shop it was the best part haha :) You got some amazing bargains Lovee primark!!! xx

  11. When I used to work in town it was so hard to not buy things every lunch time! ha ha. Great buys! The jewellery is so cute! I look forward to your review on the Storm palette :) xx

  12. Wow you got some great stuff there - love the Primarni owl necklace, so cute! I used to love it when I worked in town too - the people in Superdrug knew me!! Haha! x

  13. you look soooo pretty even in that amazing colourful marks and spencers uniform! and youve bought soooo much, love that owl necklace! my work experience is next week :O :O im scared!
    just to let you know that im back after a few weeks, so do stop by at

    much love!

  14. Love that lippie colour, must pop it on my wishlist!

  15. great haul my lovely and glad you enjoyed work experience :) loving the dress! :) xx

  16. Lovely haul doll!

  17. great hauls! i like your badge^^ the rose petal lipstick looks great on your lips~

  18. This is a great haul! I love those nude ballet flats!

  19. thats quite a lovely haul :) love the dress, owl necklace , pumps, pretty much everything :)
    i wish i had a sleek palette :(

  20. Cute dress! n_n I really am loving the bow & floral trend. x

  21. I love the Primark black bikini, so cute! I just started a blog too, and your info basically describes me: fifteen, loving beauty, fashion and fun! I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog. :) Thankd!

  22. This is the first time i cam across your wee blog :]

    I heart the owl necklace from primark, it would look so great layered with other gold chains and pearls :]

    The nude pumps are lovely too.

    The sleek storm palette is awesome btw, im on my 2nd one now - obsessive ! Lol.

    Im a new follower of yours now :]

    Would you check mine out too :]


  23. Love everything you got, i've been to Primark today and i'm going to post what I got soon, I think i'm addicted to it though! The Storm Palette is brilliant too, I always go back to using it over other eyeshadows! xx

  24. ah ive been eyeing those pumps for a while now! ;) I always find with primark pumps that they're so cheap AND pretty, that I end up buying the same pair in 3 diff colours but they all fall apart super quick too tho :(

  25. Those shoes are too cute! What a great haul! I am loving your blog doll! hugs

  26. That bracelet and necklace and...everything is lovely..check out my blog...

  27. Love the haul especially because it wasn't that pricey! U've got a good eye. Sleek is just amazing, they're pigment is soo good compared to other high street makeup brands.

    Oh and I love your blog! If you love fashion come follow me and the fashionistas @

  28. @The Beautifier- Thankyou hun, Primark and Superdug are the best! :)

    @MINAKICHU- Thanks hun, the lippie is fast becoming one of my favs :)

    @ByJody- Planning on doing a review veryyyy soon :) And i hope you get the sleek palette, its amazing! :)

    @MadzMakeup14- Hehe, we must have god taste in lipsticks ;)

    @Sophie- Thanks hun! :)

    @laurawrites- Ohh get it, its so cheap for such good quality!! :)

    @Lauren- Hhehe, thanks, i love pound land, so many bargains in one little shop! :)

    @aizel camille- Thankyouu, the nude pumps are my favs :)

    @Charlotte;- Aww thanks hun, ill do it soon! :)

    @holly- Its sucha bargain, i love how cute and different it is!

    @Nicola-x- Hhehe, thankyou hun!! I knowww, working in town is sooo dangerous, my bank balance is definately not thanking me!! :)

    @Olivia- Hhee, everything is soo tempting in town!! Thanks, ill do it soon :))

    @Viviannna- Hehe, i think the superdrug people started to recognise me too, i was in there soo much!!

    @Suyinsays- Aw thankyou hun. Hope you work experience went well! Ill check out your blog! :)

    @Dollface- Its gorgeous, sucha barbie pink ;)

    @beatricelilly- Thanks sweetie! I really enjoyed the week! :)

    @Shannon- Thanks babe! :)

    @locke- Hhehe, thanks, i loved that badge, it was so cool with my name on hehe :)

    @Anna- Thankyou hunn!

    @Sarah@Glossicious ♥- Thankyou hun! The sleek pallete is sooo cheap, you should get it ;)

    @Renu- Thankies! I loce floral too! :)

    @Kelli- Wow, we're so similar, ill check it out, good luck with blogging! :)

    @..nichola- Sure ill check it out, and thans for commenting, i willbe sure to try layering my necklaces :)

    @Caz- Primark really is amazing, and i love the palette, its sooo pigmented and pretty! :)

    @perfectionishuman- Hhe, i know, primark pumps really are such good value, so pretty and cheap :)

    @Taj Acosta- Thanks babe!!

    @Rakhshanda- Thanks hun, and sure i will :)

    @Vanessa Baptista- Hehe, thankyou hun! Iv always been a bit of a bargain hunter ;)