Not another haul Hannah...

Friday 30 July 2010

After my disappointing 'not even big enough to be called a haul' haul at the weekend, my shopping list was still as long as my arm and I was craving to hit the shops once again!

So naughty, naughty me scurried of to town to pick up the latest haul...

I picked up these little beauty's in boots. Tinted moisturiser is a must-have for summer and this Natural Collection version is perfect. A bargain at £1.99, I wasn't expecting much, but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised, as it actually looked great, with its only downside being that it doesn't contain SPF. The lipstick from 17 was on £3.99 in Balmy Beige and is a beautiful peachy beige colour which looks amazing...

Darn it, its prettiness suckered me in!

Next up on my shopping list was a fake tanning mitt to stop my grubby, little hands getting tangoed. I found this bargain in Primark for £2, and I can conclude after using it this morning, that it works, there wasn't a streaky orange stripe on my hands in sight!

On a quit visit to TG Huges I discovered their stash of St Moriz tanning sprays which I had been looking for for a while and which I snatched up for £2.99- BARGAIN! Comparison of mousse and spray St Moriz will be coming soon...
Upon popping into Wilkinson's to grab a bag o' pick n' mix, I saw this little bargain, 2 packs of Skin Therapy Facial Wipes for just 98p! Whoop!

Of course on a little nose around Primark, I picked up few steals. Some new leggings at £3 and this pretty dotty cardie for £5, down from £11! Good Times! I also couldn't resist this cute little bow ring for just £2!

Barry M Coral is on my finger nails if you wanted to know :)

By far, the best buy of the day were these couple of Max Factor mascaras from Superdrug, False Lash Effect and Lash Extension Effect. I also got my mummy one of the Max Factor Masterpiece mascaras as there was a 3 for 2 on all of Max Factor Products, oh Superdrug I do love thee!
Therefore, I ended up spending about £20 (£10 contributed from my mummy) on 3 mascaras! So technically, for the more mathematical of you, £10 for two Max Factor Mascaras, yayy! :D

That's it for my haulage for today, hopefully there wont be another haul for a while as I am severely lacking in the pennies department.

 Have a great weekend my beauties! :)


  1. Looking forward to the comparison between st moriz spray and mousse. Theres so many bad reviews about the spray but i get on quite well with it! xxx

  2. i did a comparison of the mousse and the spray, and the spray is way better in my opinion! but be careful where you spray it, because it can go over walls and everything haha

  3. great haul! i love these kind of posts!

    love that polka dot cute!

    sofia x

  4. LOVE that lipstick color! I have been on the hunt for a perfect peach after I was not able to get my hands on Jazzed from In the Groove collection. You can say that I am slightly obsessed!

  5. wow..great shopping...i love the shade of lipstick..and of course the Max Factor maskara..

  6. Oh I need to pick up a cheapy tinted moisturiser so may just pop in and check out that natural collection one.

    That lippie colour looks adorable too.

    Good haulage xxx

  7. Great haul sweetie! The Max factor false lash effect mascara is AMAZING! One of my all time favourite mascaras, need to pick a new one up actually!
    I also love the look of the 17 lipstick, thats my kind of colour!

  8. Great haul Hannah- your facial wipes were a bargain! I also love the 17 lipstick shade you got, you will have to do a FOTD using it ;)

    Sophie xx

  9. That lippy looks lovely, so pretty! Love both those Max Factor mascaras! xx

  10. That cardigan is so adorable, I wish we had a Primark here :)

  11. ooh lovely haul :) that bow ring is so delicious! and your nails look lovely :) <33

  12. I love working for superdrug and getting all these great offers haha! :D XO

  13. Great haul!:D Glad that the tinted moisturizer worked for you, I like it when products surprise me too!:D

    I am your newest follower!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  14. Great haul! That lipstick looks great! And thats a great offer on the mascaras I really need to try those :)! x

  15. I love that lipstick - I have it! It's great! And I love the cardigan. Great haul:) xxx

  16. I loveeeeeeeee that ring :)

    I was in primark yesterday and never saw it :(

  17. @Why am i here?- ohh i like it too, tried it yesterday. But i does make a mess! Hehe :))

    @Chloe- Hmm im not sure which i prefer to be honest, but your right, its so messy!

    @Sofia's Journal- Thankyouu! Yeahh i love the dots hehe! :))

    @Devs- Hehe, you could try this one, although im not amazingly keen on it, its not pigmented enough for me im afraid, good luck with your search! :)

    @Rakhshanda- Thanks, me too!!

    @Dollface- Ohhh yeahh check it out, its great value for money! :))

    @*Dainty*Dollymix*- Oh yeahh, mee too. Im slightly obsesed about the mascara, its amazing, one of my all time faves as well! :))

    @Sophie- Ohh ill do one soon, promise :)

    @May- Thanks hun, yeahh the mascaras are great! And such a bargain!

    @Anna- Aww, its such a shame Primark isnt in america :(

    @paperheart- Aww thanks sweetie, i really love the colour of Barry M Coral at the moment! :))

    @hannahbabeyxo- I want to work in Superdrug when im 16, i think id love it! :))

    @Marie- Hehe, i know its great, i was suprised its actually quite good!

    @Nicola- Oh you should pick them up while the offers on, or in Boots if you spen £15 on Max Factor you get a free goodie bag :))

    @Katherine- Hehe, thankyou hunn! Not sure about the lipstick yet, dont think iv tried it enough to get a good opinion on it :))

    @..nichola!- Aww thats a shame! Sure it will come into your primark soon! :)


  18. The false lash effect is one of my favourites!

  19. Oohh that cardigan is so adorable, it looks so cute!